Our weekly plan is all about creating healthy habits, and one of our favorites is swapping out soup for lunch 5 days a week. But we argue that healthy swaps don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) stop there. Challenge yourself to make one of these swaps once a week, and see how small changes can become life long habits.

  1. Swap your take-out habit
    Cooking can reduce stress and help you make healthier choices, especially since you have control over your ingredients. Pick a day to add a little kitchen therapy to your week.
  2. Swap the big-box grocery store for the farmers market
    Shopping locally for your favorite ingredients is not only better for the environment and local businesses, it also promotes health and well-being by eating minimally processed foods. Not to mention, you can rest comfortably knowing where you food actually comes from. And who knows, your local farmer might become your next best friend.
  3. Swap your headphones (for nothing)
    While music is great most of the time, having a perpetual soundtrack can start to isolate you from your environment. Take out your headphones every once in a while! Be present and embrace the opportunity to engage with those around you.
  4. Swap your texting habit
    While it might be our adaptive instinct to send a quick text, try giving your friend or loved one a call instead. Hearing someone’s voice can help reconnect you to your personal relationships and boost happiness. (Check out some other great reasons from Thought Catalog).
  5. Swap that subway or taxi ride for a walk
    When you aren’t pressed for time, walk to your destination instead. Adding a walk to your day can improve your health and lower stress. Plus you’ll save some money and reduce emissions!
  6. Swap screen time for page time
    Whether it’s 20 minutes or an hour, pick up a book and put down the remote. Reading every day can help you reconnect to yourself rather than that reality star. Not to mention, reading has many other healthy benefits. An added bonus? Minimize impact by putting away the electronics.

By disrupting our go-to we become mindful of the habits that shape our daily life. We believe the journey to a more splendid self shouldn’t have to happen over night. Start small. Little by little, healthy swaps can become healthy habits.

What are are some healthy habit swaps you’d like to try making this season?

Tell us what you think! Let’s spoon!