A Day in the Life is a 24-hour virtual visit into the lives of the Spoon Crew — our team, our friends, and some of your favorite wellness experts. We’re giving you the all-access key to what they eat, what they do, and how they keep feeling their best, day-in and day-out.

This week, we’re spending the day with nutrition therapist, holistic aesthetician, whole food lover, and believer of balance, Emily Spaeth Lundberg.

7AM: Morning Movement

A typical day for me usually includes 4 things: movement, work, nourishment and family. Starting off my day with some movement helps to wake me up and get my mind flowing before I spend the next few hours at my computer. Movement for me really depends on the day - how I’m feeling and my energy levels are the determining factors for what I choose to do that day for my workout. However, lately it’s been a lot of running as I’m training for a half marathon, along with cross training with weights and yoga to stretch it out by the end of the day!

8:30AM: Breakfast

I also love to fuel my day with delicious, nutritious foods. As a health coach, nutritionist + self care advocate, it’s so important to me to live the values I preach to my clients! In the morning this means starting off with eggs on avocado toast + sauerkraut, a smoothie or even my all-time favorite pancakes: 1 egg, 2 tbsp gluten-free quick oats and 1 banana smashed together and cooked low + slow. Oh, and can’t forget a warm matcha latte!! My favorite way to boost energy and stay focused throughout the morning. (Pst... if you love matcha as much as I do, try Splendid Spoon's new Green Matcha smoothie!).

12PM: Lunch + Midday Movement!

Because I work from home, I sit a ton throughout the day. So a good walk with my pup, Jack, or even a mid-day run is a nice way to break up the day if I haven’t already worked out! I also cook at home a lot, so love when I can quickly heat up a Splendid Spoon soup or even just pop open a smoothie. I love their motto that busy CAN be healthy - they’re a big reason why I can go about my day and still rock it without spending a ton of time or energy on making food to fuel me through the rest of my workday.

6:30PM: Dinner + Relaxing

By the time the end of the day rolls around, yoga + meditation are my lifesavers for letting any stressors go and calming down for the evening. Spending time with my husband and Jack are so refreshing and I find this perfect pairing of yoga, family… and maybe a little wine ;) rejuvenate me for another day of living my passion and helping others along the way!

Continue the walk in Emily's shoes by checking out her podcast, WELL WMN, visiting her blog, and following her on Instagram, where you can find her helping others reach their health and wellness goals. Craving some of Emily's Splendid faves? Check out this week's menu here.