Focusing on wellness on New Year’s Eve sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but a few small changes can make the difference between a hangover and a healthy start to 2016.

A night on the town doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of the commitment to yourself. You may have your outfit picked out and your party planned, but don’t forget the most important person of the night… YOU!

Nicole Centeno, Splendid Spoon’s founder, shares her top 5 tips for ringing in the New Year to start your resolution off right.

Nicole’s Top 5:

Meditate and workout the day of the 31st
Make room for positive energy and an appreciation for the New Year by shaking out 2015 in a healthy way. I love a gentle yoga class followed by a 15 minute meditation. Moving those muscles and creating some head space is a great way to prepare yourself for an enjoyable evening.

Pre-Party Fuel
I have a cup of veggie-loaded soup before going out. The best laid plans can go awry when we’re in social settings and tempted by all sorts of goodies that everyone around us is indulging in. Showing up to a party super hungry means I’m more likely to hit the mini cupcakes and baked brie. By filling up before going out, I can think with my rational mind instead of that growling tummy.

A glass of sparkling or still water for every drink will keep you from going full tilt, and does wonders at preventing a hangover. Add a lime wedge and splash of cranberry for some flavor.

Bring a snack pack.
New Year’s celebrations can feel like a marathon! Prevent yourself from the 10 pm hunger pangs by packing a couple healthy nibbles. I love cashews and dry cherries. A little fat, protein and complex carb will keep you going without the sugar crash of the cookie tray.

Hug it out!
The passing of time and the promise of positive new experiences is a great gift — embrace it and share your gratitude with a loved one. Even if you are spending the night alone, call someone you care about to connect with them.

No matter what your plans may be, the new year is an invitation to reveal your best possible self. Show 2016 what you’re made of!