As part of our Mindful Month, we’ve spoken to some of our favorite wellness gurus about how they incorporate mindfulness into their lives (we started with our own Nicole Centeno and her top tips for destressing your life). This week, Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous and co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly mentoring program for spiritual activists, has shared her methods on finding her most productive, grounded, energetic self.

Here are Ruby’s five tips to live a mindful life:

Social Media Embargo

I spent most of 2016 writing my upcoming book, Material Girl, Mystical World. Fitting this around my other projects meant instilling a very strict embargo on email and social media before 11am and after 9pm. I was amazed how much more productive this made me, so I’m trying my best to continue with it in 2017.

Cut Out Alcohol

One of my projects is Club SÖDA NYC. This is an event series for the “sober curious” that I launched based on my own experience of cutting alcohol out of my life. This simple, yet challenging, lifestyle choice has been absolutely key to experiencing increased productivity and hugely reduced stress.

Practice Transcendental Meditation

I finally found a meditation practice that works for me, and have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for the past year. I’ve noticed a marked difference in the way I handle difficult and stressful situations as a result. I am much less reactive, and much more likely to breathe before I spin out or start to speak.

Move Every Day

Daily movement is a non-negotiable for me — it helps shift stuck energy and gets my chi moving again! But I don’t go to classes as I don’t need anything else on my schedule! I either use Yogaglo, do my own Tabata cardio break at home, or take a brisk walk around the park.

Love Your Work

Doing work that is truly of value to me, and which I believe is of true value to society, is the biggest “stress” reliever. It becomes less about all the hours I’m putting in, and more about all the good vibes I’m putting out into the world.

And with that, all of us at Splendid Spoon are excited to close out January and the end of our Mindful month. We hope you’ve found these posts, tips, and ideas inspiring, and that they’ve shown you that living mindfully doesn’t require making significant changes to your routine. Approach your schedule with more thought and focus, and notice — and appreciate — when you feel more grounded and energized.