Beauty is holistic: it’s the energy that glows within us, and the energy we put out into the world. It’s what we put in our body and on it.

To enhance our beauty energy, we need to release what no longer serves us. We habitually add more and more to our lives until they’re overflowing with items, activities, beliefs, and routines. Releasing something brings us more space, more freedom, and more energy. We’ve spoken with our Spoon Crew — our team, our friends, and some of our favorite wellness gurus — to discover what they’re releasing in order to uncover more beauty energy.

This week, vegan fitness instructor and girl boss, Ana Alarcón, shares what she’s letting go of, and why.

The Physical

What physical item are you throwing away?

I’m throwing away all creams, cleansers and unnecessary make up. I always thought that to look beautiful you had to use all the night creams and serums, and wear ten layers of make up. But you don’t.

Beautiful, radiant skin starts from within. Whether we choose to wear makeup or not, our beauty stems from what we put in our body, and the affirmations and thoughts we tell ourselves.

I want to stop hiding behind these things, and instead bring out my inner beauty with positive mantras and my own energy.

The Expectation

What expectation that you put on yourself are you letting go of?

I’m letting go of the need to look perfect 24/7. I work in fitness and wellness, so I’m always sweaty and moving. I’m trying to free myself from the need to look “ready” all the time: less focus on perfection, more focus on my real, human side. My skin won’t always look radiant, and yes, my eyes will be puffy at 5am.

If my skin is breaking out or I feel bloated, I no longer consider it to be a problem. Instead, I use it as a sign that my body needs attention and kindness.

The Habit

What long-lasting habit or movement are you putting a stop to?

Take-out! It’s so convenient, but not what my body needs! I love cooking, meal prepping and knowing what I’m putting in my body. Although I love easy, convenient meals (like my Splendid Spoon soups!), over the past couple of months, I’ve eaten out every day. This makes me feel disorganized and rushed.

I always pick healthier options when I’m out, but this habit still affects my whole lifestyle: I snooze the alarm more, rush everywhere, and buy meals because I tell myself I don’t have enough time. Meal prepping, and having nourishing meals with me, makes me organize my life better, follow my morning rituals (which I love!), and spend more time with my partner.

Ditching take-out is about more than spending money: it’s about creating a routine. Some days I will eat out and that’s okay, but I’m trying to swap the fast paced, take-out filled life for a slower one.

The Visual

What image or picture makes you feel beautiful, and why?

I love this photo of me dancing with my boyfriend, Matt. This photo was taken a couple of years ago at a friend’s wedding. We look so happy and alive: I love it. It says a lot about who we are as couple. It reminds me that we’re young and need to let go, dance a little bit, and enjoy life — especially when we’re having a tough time.