Beauty is holistic: it’s the energy that glows within us, and the energy we put out into the world. It’s what we put in our body and on it.

To enhance our beauty energy, we need to release what no longer serves us. We habitually add items, activities, beliefs, and routines to our lives until they’re overflowing. Releasing something brings us more space, more freedom, and more energy. We’ve spoken with our Spoon Crew — our team, our friends, and some of our favorite wellness gurus — to discover what they’re releasing.

This week, health-conscious lifestyle blogger, and Splendid Spoon ambassador, Andie Fuller, shares what she’s letting go and why.

The Physical

What physical item are you throwing away?

Over the last year I’ve been getting rid of my old clothing. I’ve had a few pieces since college and even high school! I realized that some of them were causing negative body image reactions. I felt bad that they looked different now compared to in the past.

In reality, I’m proud of my body, skin, mind, and soul in this moment. I’ve come a long way since high school and college, where all I cared about was calorie intake and intense workouts. It’s my goal to get rid of any pieces that pull me back towards an unhealthy mindset about my body.

The Expectation

What expectation that you put on yourself are you letting go?

I’m letting go of the expectation that I need to act like someone I’m not. I’m introverted and sometimes shy. I’ve spent way too many years feeling bad about those qualities and trying to show up in the same way that more outgoing or bubbly people do. This has caused a lot of internal turmoil and angst about social situations.

I’m choosing to let that go and show up as my true self, talk as much as feels comfortable, and not second guess every word I say.

The Habit

What long-lasting habit or movement are you stopping?

My internal checklist. When life gets busy or stressful I switch into checklist mode and only feel valuable when my list is getting checked off. I’m making an effort to create more space and make it easier to feel calm, collected, and valuable in ways that aren’t accomplishing tasks.

The Visual

What image or picture makes you feel beautiful, and why?

This photo my husband took of me with no makeup on! It makes me feel beautiful, both inside and out. It’s something I never would have shared 10, 5, or even 2 years ago. I haven’t always been comfortable without makeup. I grew up wanting blue eyes and a more petite and boney face. I didn’t like my button nose. I didn’t like that my lips always looked like I had color on them. I’ve dealt with teenage and adult acne (feeling 14 when you’re 30 can be rough). I’ve changed over time, and today I’m proud of my untanned face, the freckles, the scars, its natural glow, and the way I treat myself right.