Beauty is holistic: it’s the energy that glows within us, and the energy we put out into the world. It’s what we put in our body and on it.

To enhance our beauty energy, we need to release what no longer serves us. We habitually add items, activities, beliefs, and routines to our lives until they’re overflowing. Releasing something brings us more space, more freedom, and more energy. We’ve spoken with our Spoon Crew — our team, our friends, and some of our favorite wellness gurus — to discover what they’re releasing.

This week, health coach and yoga teacher Marni Walker, shares what she’s letting go and why.

The Physical

What physical item are you throwing away?

I’ve purged many belongings this year as a result of some major life changes. It’s been a challenge to stay positive and present. It was important for me to remember that we don’t have highs without lows. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction: we need to see the beauty even in the things we don’t understand. I lost both of my parents in the last six years — most recently my father this January. Letting go of things I had stored made me realize that holding on to things doesn’t move us forward. Life is about changing, growing, and sharing our gifts to help others. We can’t do this if we hold on too tightly.

The Expectation

What expectation that you put on yourself are you letting go?

I’m working on letting go of expectations. Expectations of others and myself. We need to be aware of the power we have to create the life we want, but we also need to realize that how that comes to be is not of our doing. Once we’re clear on our dreams and goals, we need to trust in the power of the universe to see them through. However we cannot expect everything to happen as we imagine. Being present and patient will show us the way.

The Habit

What long-lasting habit or movement are you stopping?

Habitual worrying. Worry is fruitless: it places us in the past or future, but never in the present. If we stay present we don’t need to worry, but it’s hard to do that! When we’re too attached to outcomes, it’s normally because of our expectation. I find that being aware and trying to stay present is the most important tool to begin to change the pattern of worry and anticipation.

The Visual

What image or picture makes you feel beautiful, and why?

Any photo of my two beautiful daughters. They remind me every day of the spirit and simplicity of everything around us. Their pureness and love are so beautiful. The creativity and excitement that children have for all things is what I believe to be our true spirit and connection to the universe. The reflection of that beauty is what comes back to us when we see things through their eyes. I am forever grateful for their beauty and love.