We are committed to working with chefs from all walks of life to highlight & amplify diverse voices in food. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Diana Kuan, a Chinese American cooking expert to develop our Dan Dan Noodles recipe.

Diana Kuan is a New York-based multi-creative working in food, photography, and illustration. “I live by the philosophy that the arts are interconnected,” says Kuan, who has written cookbooks and teaches Chinese cooking classes at the Brooklyn Brainery. “I have 12+ years of experience leading group classes. I have a passion for public speaking and spreading the joy of the culinary and visual arts.”

Dan Dan Noodles are a spicy and sweet noodle bowl complete with hearty tofu & bok choy. Read more about the history of the dish here!

What makes your Dan Dan Noodles recipe special?

This vegan version that I created for Splendid Spoon is based off traditional Sichuan dan dan noodles, which are normally made with meat. I created it to have the same umami depth and spiciness as my favorite traditional versions.

What does this dish mean to you?

I spent two years teaching in China in my 20s, and traveled to many parts of the country to explore regional cooking. Dan dan noodles was one of the first dishes I decided to reverse engineer in my own kitchen, when I was first learning to cook Sichuan food. I've refined my method of cooking them over the last decade, and love sharing these noodles with friends and family at picnics and potlucks.

End your day with this hearty, slurpable noodle bowl by adding Dan Dan Noodles to your next delivery! Questions? Email us at [email protected].