A quick note from the digital product team

The Splendid Spoon Digital Product team is back with another update - this time, we’re announcing the release of the new and improved Manage Deliveries page!

The Manage Deliveries page is your central hub for your upcoming deliveries. You’ve used the old version of this page see the items in your box and to skip and unskip coming weeks. In the updated version of this page, you’ll have the same easy controls over your account, in a more intuitive, beautiful way.

Your next delivery is highlighted at the top of the page, with your upcoming meals on display. Click into those meals to review their nutritional facts or add it to your favorites list. You can also add your favorite shots or juices to your next deliveries right from this page!

Want to add more soups to your plan, or try out our noodles? Use our easy plan upgrade links to adjust. Questions? Reach out!