A Day in the Life is a 24-hour virtual visit into the lives of the Spoon Crew — our team, our friends, and some of your favorite wellness experts. We’re giving you the all-access key to what they eat, what they do, and how they keep feeling their best, day-in and day-out.

This week, we’re spending the day with Lifestyle Coach, Sharon Dangels.

Hi Splendid Spoon friends! I’m Sharon Dangles, a Lifestyle Coach who works with clients to help them with accountability, setting intentions, and taking action to create a life they love. One thing I hear a lot is I just don’t have enough time to do the things I want to do with the other obligations I have going on in my life.  I’m here to tell you there’s a way to budget your time and create a life you love, by simply writing down 3 things you’re going to accomplish today and when you’re going to get them done.  Let’s start with slowing down from the business of the world so we can kick back and remain present.  I wanted to share with you my experience of practicing mindfulness throughout the day.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get some ideas and try them yourself.

5:30 AM: Meditation

I usually wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning while everyone is still sound asleep to meditate and start my day off calm, focused, and relaxed.  At first we can be hesitant to try something new, but I’ve found meditation has drastically improved my outlook on how I handle obstacles that come my way. It’s also helped me sleep better, feel happier, and reduce my stress and anxiety.

7:00AM: Self-Love

After showering, nothing feels better than giving yourself a little self-love with an oil massage.  Taking the time to go in a slow methodical way being mindful of each body part helps to slow down your thoughts. Right now, my favorite essential oil combination is jojoba, rose, and jasmine.

8:30AM: Breakfast

This particular morning I made an egg white breakfast wrap with veggies.  I don’t always have the time to cook, so it was nice for a change to tune into the mind and focus on cutting up the peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

2:00 PM: Lunch and Movement

Eating a satisfying, nutritious lunch is what helps me to keep my energy levels up, so I rely on Splendid Spoon’s ready to eat soups.  It’s perfect for people who want to steer away from fast food drive-thrus and reach for something quick and healthy.  They also have inspirational messages on their packaging, which allows me to stop, slow down and reflect before consuming my soup.

Since my work is sitting all day, I try to get outside and go for a walk.  Movement is important to improve our circulation, refresh our thoughts to be more productive, and allow ourselves to be more present with nature.  When was the last time you stopped to smell a flower?

3:30 PM: Mindfulness Tea

Something I learned on a yoga retreat was taking some time in the afternoon for “mindfulness tea”.  It’s a type of meditation to be fully present as you drink your tea, taking in all the senses such as taste, noticing the color, and smelling the aroma.  You may notice your tense shoulders and jaw starting to relax.  We don’t often realize how stressed we are until we stop what we’re doing.

7:00 PM: Winding down

Turning off electronics and doing restorative yoga poses at the end of the day is super helpful in practicing mindfulness.  My two favorite poses right now are seated forward fold and legs up the wall.  Seated forward fold is where you are comfortably sitting on a blanket or yoga mat with both legs lengthened out in front as you walk your hands towards your heels for a deep stretch.  For legs up the wall, lift both legs vertically up the wall as your upper body rests on the floor and hold for 5 -15 minutes.  These poses help to calm the brain, ease anxiety and depression.

Sharon Dangles, is a Lifestyle Coach who works with clients to help them with accountability, setting intentions, and taking action to create a life they love. Check out her Instagram, Facebook, and website. Any one of these mindfulness tips you would like to give a try?  She'd love to hear from you in the comments.