Severe dehydration is super dangerous, but most of us avoid it given the fact we have ready access to water and our body tells us when we’re approaching dehydration.

Thirst is typically the first and most obvious sign that we need to gulp a glass or two. Some say that you are already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty, but that’s a myth. But hey, it’s always a nice feeling to avoid that parched dry mouth sensation.

So what are some signs you’ve waited too long to fill up that water bottle?

Look out for headaches, nausea, fatigue, these are all clear signs that you have waited far too long to fill up that water bottle. Dark yellow urine, or worse, not urinating at all in a three hour period, are other signs that you are not getting enough water. Staying hydrated will keep your cells working smoothly, your muscles less prone to cramps, and your feet moving: bathroom trips and water bottle refills keep that pedometer busy too!

How much water do we really need anyway?

We’ve all heard the eight-glasses-a-day recommendation, but no one has seemed to settle on a definite answer. The better solution is to listen to your body, like so many other things in life. No one person is built the same way. Aim for about 2 liters of water a day and go from there. Feel like you have a headache coming on? Drink a little extra. Had an intense spin class this morning? You know the drill.

But I hate water…

You can always change it up. Add a lime wedge and a splash of cranberry for a touch of flavor, try sipping on seltzer for some excitement, or maybe try sticking some of your favorite brewed decaffeinated herbal tea on ice. There are tons of variations out there, get creative and find your favorite one!