It's officially Fall. While we may still be trying to savor the last few days of heat and make one last trip to the beach, back-to-school and chilly fall nights are now our reality. As we transition to Fall, Splendid Spoon is here to help you spend more time with your family and less time worrying about school lunch and work meal prep with these Fall meal hacks.

Parsnip Apple Puree

This Reset soup is light in calories but heavy in flavor. It’s a great option on an Autumn lazy day when you don’t feel like cooking anything. Parsnip Apple is even good cold (if the weather hasn't quite changed yet), kind of like a savory applesauce.

Tomato Quinoa Chili

One of our favorites - perfect for any lunch or dinner as the days get chillier. We recommend adding an avocado on top and repurposing the soup as a dip! It’s a healthier, more filling, football Sunday meal that the whole family will love.

Cumin Sweet Potato

If you're still missing summer, our Cumin Sweet Potato takes those fresh summer flavors and purees them into a dreamy, fall soup. It'll leave you feeling energized and excited for the autumnal season. Pro tip: try adding some herbs, too!

Butternut Turmeric

Our Butternut Turmeric Reset soup is another light option that is wonderful when enjoyed chilled. It’s the perfect summer-meets-fall and is sweet without being overwhelming. Butternut Turmeric is sure to get you excited for the upcoming fall holidays!

If you’re not quite ready to start spooning (soup!) again, or just need a break, be sure to check out our grain bowls that are super fun to build new recipes around as well. We hope this soup transition guide helped inspire you to add some fresh veggies and try a soup chilled!

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