At Splendid Spoon, we formulate all our meals to help you with your long term health goals. Lower sugar breakfasts are a key part. This means that our smoothies are not quite like your standard smoothie: they’re significantly lower in sugar, and are rich in protein and healthy fats. That affects their flavor and texture. Here’s why we make our smoothies this way:

How Much Sugar is in Your Breakfast?

Eating a nourishing, lower-sugar breakfast positively impacts your blood sugar levels, energy, and mood. Many breakfasts — even those which are typically considered “healthy”, like juices and fruit-centric smoothies — contain a surprisingly high amount of sugar. One tablespoon of honey contains 17 grams of sugar. One banana contains 14 grams.

Reducing the amount of sugar in your breakfast helps curb sugar cravings, control mood swings, and provides you with a steadier stream of energy. A lower sugar breakfast is a powerful way to wean ourselves off the sweets.

Why Don’t We Just Add a Sweetener, Like Stevia?

Because this doesn’t help with your sugar reliance. When you eat something sweet, your brain instructs your body to release insulin as it prepares to breakdown the incoming sugar calories. If you just ate sweetener, rather than sugar, the sugar never arrives. This leaves your body hungry for those calories, which it then searches for in other foods. Eventually, your pancreas becomes reluctant to release insulin (as it’s convinced the sugar won’t arrive), so you become less able to break down any sugar you do eat.

Your Taste Buds Will Adjust

Having a lower-sugar breakfast isn’t going to be easy from the get-go, but it will soon become a nourishing habit. Your taste buds will need time to adjust to a less sweet breakfast: they will adapt, and your body will appreciate the change.

How to Sip Your Smoothie

Our smoothies may not be as smooth as you’re used to. To create a satisfying, nourishing meal, we use whole nuts and pea protein, which have slightly grainy textures. We have prioritized creating a meal with amazing nutritional value over a recipe with the most velvety texture.

We freeze our smoothies to avoid using fillers or preservatives, and so we can deliver meals made with fresh, whole ingredients, direct to your door. When they freeze, the fats separate. This is natural.

Depending on your preferences, there are several ways to sip your smoothie:

1. Drink as-is. Take it straight out the fridge and start sipping. The texture will be a bit more grainy or even chewy as we include bits of nuts, seeds and cacao.

2. Blend it up. Throw the smoothie in the blender for a few seconds. The texture will be super smooth and you can also choose to add your other favorite ingredients like frozen banana or a handful of leafy greens.

3. Warm it up. Many of our smoothies are beautiful when warmed up. Pour your smoothie into a mug and heat for two minutes. Stir, then sip. The texture will be smoother as the fats melt with heat. Plus, this warm smoothie will help you slow down and have a more grounding experience with your morning ritual.

Own Your Own Habits

Commit to having a lower sugar breakfast, and all of your eating habits will improve. By reducing your sugar intake first thing in the morning you’ll have fewer sugar cravings, steadier blood sugar levels, and more energy. Make one small change a day, and build the foundation for a lifestyle which nourishes body and mind.