With Thanksgiving around the corner, it's easy to end up frazzled by holiday preparations. This holiday season, spend less time worrying about food & more time with family. We’re here to help! Serving up a healthy holiday meal is easy as pie. Introducing the Thanksgiving Sides Bundle.

This jam-packed bundle includes 2 soups, 4 sides, and 2 digestion shots to help you build a healthy, happy holiday table.

Start out with a cozy soup...

...like Cumin Sweet Potato, the perfect appetizer to share with the whole family.

Serve up some sides...

...like Thanksgiving favorites Roasted Brussels Sprout and Ras Al Hanout Bowls, full of veggies and hearty grains to fill you up. And who doesn’t love the classics like mashed potatoes and stuffing? Top your mashed potatoes with some Split Pea Gravy.

Don't forget dessert...

...like these Pumpkin Pie Creamsicle bars made from our Pumpkin Spice Smoothie! Learn how to make them here.

...Then skip the post-meal slump!

Break out a Digestion Shot after dinner to help keep your tummy happy, or turn it into dessert by making an apple-cidery Hot Toddy!

Making up a plate packed full of good-for-you and delicious dishes will make both you and your family feel good. Remember to listen to your body and give it what it needs, like healthy veggies and fiber, but also some healthy sweet treats!

Let us do the cooking for you this Thanksgiving. Order your Thanksgiving Bundle today! Questions? Email us at [email protected].