Feelin’ dull? Get glowing with these 10 skincare tips from Lauren Gill.

New Year, New You, right? Everyone talks about common New Year’s resolutions like weight loss, exercise, and mindfulness. But there are other types of resolutions and intentions that can help you feel better about yourself.

Are you stuck with the same skin woes year after year? Maybe you’ve tried different products and just can’t seem to achieve the clear skin of your dreams. Many people do not even realize that their everyday routines or habits can be attributing to their skin concerns.

By making a few simple changes and listening to your body in 2019, you can have your best skin year yet. These 10 tips are sure to jumpstart your skincare routine and leave you glowing.

1. Keep Hydrating
Good skin starts from within, and the key to a glowing complexion is hydration. Your skin becomes so dry from external factors, so if you do your part by drinking plenty of water every day, it will already begin to look better.

2. Stick to the SPF
I finally understand why my parents were so strict with me about sunscreen when I was growing up. Now I never leave the house without an SPF on under my moisturizer. It’s such a simple task that can really help prevent sunspots and future aging.

3. Ditch dairy (and eat clean!)
Dairy products contain cow hormones that can stimulate your oil glands and lead to acne. If you haven’t tried cutting out dairy, that could be a major cause of your breakouts. Instead of dairy, reach for clean foods like vegetables to help your complexion. Meal delivery services like Splendid Spoon can make you look and feel healthier from the inside out! Keeping these convenient meals on hand makes it even easier to make healthier food decisions all day.

4. Tackle inflammation
Jade rollers have been all the rage on social media this year, but they actually are worth the hype. If you experience puffiness on your face, using a jade roller or ice roller can help. I use mine both in the morning and at night to stimulate my collagen production and reduce inflammation.

5. Add collagen to your routine
Collagen is a great example of another buzzworthy product that actually works! I add collagen peptides into my smoothies each morning and have seen healthier hair, skin, and nails since starting. Collagen is a protein that is actually a large component of our skin. It helps to strengthen skin, prevent wrinkles, increase elasticity, and reduce dryness. Collagen also has benefits for bone and joint health, so why not give it a try?

6. Never exercise with makeup on
One of the worst things you can do for your skin is to workout with makeup on. When you start to sweat, all of your makeup seeps into your pores, which can quickly clog them. Instead, try to remove all of your makeup and apply a hydrating toner to your face before you hit the gym. On the same topic, you should always remove your makeup at night before going to sleep.

7. Find a skincare regimen that works for you
Skincare can be overwhelming with information being given to you from many different directions. Find a skincare routine that works for YOU and stick to it. I always recommend trying out products for at least a month before switching them up. It takes your skin a while to see the benefits and adjust to a new product, so you need to give it time to truly see the results. Some of my favorite skincare brands at every price level are:
· PCA Skin
· Tula Skincare
· Neutrogena

8. Exfoliate and mask at least once a week
Exfoliating is such an important part of any skincare routine. Not only does it help to remove dirt and oil, it also removes all of the dead skin from your face and allows it to breathe. I recommend exfoliating 2–3 times per week and following it with a mask. Just like anything, masks are not one size fits all! There are masks made for every skin type and condition, so make sure you get one that suits YOU.

9. Switch to a silk pillowcase
Silk pillowcases have been shown to help with both skin and hair! Not only will it help reduce your bedhead, but silk pillowcases can also help reduce wrinkles, improve moisture, and are even hypoallergenic.

10. Elevate your cleansing game
Using a proper cleanser is only half of the battle when it comes to washing your face. In order to fully cleanse and exfoliate your skin, you might want to look to a cleansing device. My top choices are the Clarisonic and Foreo because they truly help to give you a deeper clean, but are still gentle on your skin.

Starting a new year is a great opportunity for growth in your life. When better than now to start feeling better on the inside and out?! These 10 tips are sure to give you your healthiest skin yet in 2019.


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