Speed bumps are simple actions we use to reset our habits. They make following our nourishing routines easier, and help us get closer to “balance” in our lives.

Today, founder of organic skincare company Mullein & Sparrow, Anit Hora, shares her feel-good skincare tips which help her bring mindfulness to this routine.

Splendid Spoon: What first drew you to the world of skincare?

Anit Hora: I became interested in skincare through my study of herbal medicine. I was studying and making tinctures to take internally and saw lots of recipes packed with herbs I wanted to use on my skin, so I tried them out!

SS: Have you always had a positive relationship with your skin?

AH: No. When I was a teenager I had bad acne. At the time, I didn’t understand why, so didn’t approach the issue holistically. I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t pay attention to my lifestyle. I used a lot of harsh, stripping products, and expected the results they promised.

It wasn’t until I got a little older that I realized everything was connected. To have good skin, you have to put good things into your body, and use products that truly benefit your skin’s health. It’s important to make the effort to create rituals around your skincare routine — over time you’ll see amazing results.

SS: What do you do everyday to nourish your skin?

AH: Oils are a big part of my routine. I use our Immortelle & Myrrh oil every day. I’ve also been experimenting with our soon-to-launch Rose Face Cream and Gentle Face Wash. Both products provide a gentle yet impactful experience.

SS: Speed bumps are small, simple actions we turn to when we need to reset and come back to our good habits. What’s your go-to skin care speed bump?

AH: A go-to speed bump for me is getting a facial. Having your face professionally cleaned, treated, and cared for gives you the incentive to continue your own routines and practices at home.

SS: What attitude do you take when you’ve gone off track with your skincare routine and need to reset?

AH: I usually get off track when I’m tired or overwhelmed. To get back, I take some time to reset. This could be as simple as having a weekend alone at home to rest and recalibrate. I try to cultivate a space that will naturally allow my mind and body to settle down and come back to center.

SS: What tricks do you use to make sure you always return to your good habits?

AH: It’s important for me to take time for myself. I think that the key is coming back to your center, so you can build out from there. When you have a strong base, it becomes easier to add in different speed bumps and practices that give you those extra benefits you want for your body and mind.

SS: How does mindfulness help your relationship with your skin?

AH: I believe that a good relationship with your skin starts with ritual. And rituals are all about being mindful. Always pay attention to what products you use and how you use them.

SS: If we want to create our first skincare speed bump, what would you recommend?

AH: A great speed bump would be an at-home facial. For me, this normally involves a facial steam followed by a face mask. These two parts give you enough time to slow down and bring mindfulness to the task.

SS: Are there any speed bumps you want to develop for other parts of your life?

AH: I’d love to develop a speed bump to help me with organization. I’d also love more practices to help balance my work and social life.