Nicole Centeno

Eating can be a deeply sensory experience: obviously it involves your tastebuds, but what about the other senses? Incorporating all 5 senses into your meal transforms it into a mindful meditation that helps you connect to yourself, get grounded, and create a moment of peace.


Before you start your meal, pause and look at it. Name the colors you can see. Notice the shapes of the different ingredients. If the meal is warm, watch the rising ribbons of steam. Allow your eyes to settle on whatever they’re naturally drawn to. Our meals are very colorful, as they are packed with all the necessary ingredients to keep you healthy, so you might spend quite a bit of time naming the colors.


Close your eyes. Inhale deeply. By masking your sense of sight, you can better tune in to your other senses. Notice what you smell. Try to distinguish the various scents. Allow these aromas to fill your space and calm your brain.

If a scent brings up a memory, allow your thoughts to float to it. Watch your mind follow these memories, and then gently guide it back to the present.


Put your hands around the bowl, plate, or mug. Allow the temperature to transfer into your body. What does this tell you about the meal you’re about to eat?

Pick up your fork or spoon. Feel its weight in your hand. Notice how familiar and comforting it is to hold this tool. Be aware of how your brain reacts as you hold it. Is it your instinct to start eating immediately? Is it challenging to not dive straight into your meal? Take another deep breath.


Take a mouthful. Chew your food before you swallow. Think about the individual flavors and textures, how they change and combine. Once you’ve finished that mouthful, pause. Put your fork or spoon down. Take a breath. Repeat this exercise with every spoonful.


When you’ve finished your meal, don’t rush to get up and continue with your day. Put your hands on your thighs. Root your feet into the ground. Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around you. Don’t judge them, just notice them, name them, and allow your mind to move on to the next noise you hear. Allow these noises to bring you to your present place.

Your 5 senses help you better connect to yourself and how you feel. Use them all and use them distinctly to not only enjoy and appreciate your healthy meal more, but also create awareness of how foods affect you, your emotions, and your thoughts. Have just one sense-focused, mindful meal a day, to improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and better know your own being.

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