Even if you have an established mindfulness practice, bringing that intention to your work day can be difficult. It’s easy to get so caught up with meetings, to-do lists, phone calls, and emails that by the end of the day you haven’t paused for breath, you can’t remember what you ate for lunch, and you’re dreading the commute home. Rather than drown your sorrows at the nearest happy hour, incorporate some mindful moments and improve every weekday. Here’s how:

Commute Meditations

Don’t let your commute be empty. Meditate. If you walk, count your steps, and breathe in rhythm with them. If you’re on a train or in traffic, focus on your breath. Inhale for a count of 3, and exhale for a count of 3. Count those seconds. Focus your attention on these actions to quiet your mind and give your brain some peace.

Lunch Break Focus

Eating lunch at your desk is a reality we all (yes, even us, the mindful-obsessives) occasionally face. But this doesn’t mean you should eat without thinking or pausing for breath. Before you start your meal, take a moment to express gratitude for it. While you eat, notice how it tastes, smells, and makes you feel. Every time you take a spoonful, look at the food, not your screen. These moments of focus on your food, in between all those emails, will help you have a more nourishing lunch break, despite the location.

Breathing Breaks

You know we should take a break from our work every 45 minutes, right? Ok, that might be unrealistic. But what is realistic is setting a timer every hour for a breathing break. Remove your hands from the keyboard, ignore your phone, and take 10 deep breaths. Then get back to work.

Pay Attention

Your workday will be happier and more rewarding if you engage with your colleagues. Make eye contact, listen carefully, and respond kindly and fairly. An action as small as saying ‘Good Morning’ when you arrive every day will make an improvement to the office’s, and your, mood.


You’ve probably heard that multitasking is bad. But we’re going to say it again. In fact, we finish about 50% less when we’re multitasking and increase our stress levels. Focus on one task at a time, and complete your work with higher quality and efficiency.

Return to Your Never-Forget Mantra

When you’re stressed, return to your ‘never-forget mantra’. This mantra should be a few words you can easily remember and turn to. Repeat this grounding statement, breathe deeply, and return yourself to calm.

Bring mindfulness to your workplace and boost your mood, energy, and productivity. Keep track of your mood, and we’re confident that in a few weeks, you’ll notice how your mindful approach has bettered your work, stress levels, and relationships with co-workers.