Speed bumps are simple actions we use to reset our habits. They make following our nourishing routines easier, and help us get closer to “balance” in our lives.

Today, sustainability bloggers, Laura and Adam, of Live to Sustain, share their tips to tread more lightly on the planet.

Splendid Spoon: Hi! What drew you into the world of sustainability?

Laura: I worked as an interior designer in New York for 13 years, but became disillusioned with the industry. In many ways the job was a dream come true, but I found the industry superficial, and it generated a lot of waste. I made some big changes in recent years to live more in alignment with my core values. I moved to California and am now studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Adam: Initially it was spurred on by my love of the outdoors. I wanted to help preserve the nature I enjoy. When I met Laura, I was happy to have found someone who was also passionate about making a difference, and we both agreed to live more sustainable lives.

SS: Have you always tried to tread lightly on the planet?

A: I have. My experiences hiking and exploring all over the U.S. have increased my awareness of the need to tread lightly on our planet. I find that most people intend to do the same, but don’t always know how.

SS: What do you do everyday to live a more sustainable life?

L: We strive to live a zero-waste lifestyle, but we’re not perfect. Simple things we do: carry a reusable water bottle, bring our own shopping bags to the store, and say no to straws and excess packaging. But sustainability is more than just an individual effort: we need to work together to change the larger systems we are part of to create truly sustainable change. That’s what Live to Sustain is all about, and that’s why we love Splendid Spoon. Animal agriculture is a very wasteful and destructive industry, and getting people on board with a plant-based lifestyle is an important factor in changing our food system.

SS: How do you make sure you always return to your speed bumps?

L: Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be better. Adam and I are a team — we’re both passionate about sustainability and we keep each other in check. He calls me out when I’m slacking off, and I do the same for him.

SS: How does mindfulness help your relationship with the planet?

A: Mindfulness requires slowing down and staying present. Slowing down helps me make the right decisions. It gives me the patience to make sustainable decisions, like what products to buy, properly disposing of my trash, and walking instead of driving.

L: The closer and more connected I feel to our planet, the easier it becomes to make healthier choices. The thought of giving up meat once felt like a difficult sacrifice, but now it doesn’t seem bad at all. I’ve discovered so many new foods that nourish my body, and I don’t crave the unhealthy stuff I used to love.

SS: What should our first sustainability speed bump be?

L&A: Simply be more mindful of everything you do. Before taking any action, whether it’s grabbing a snack or putting a straw in your drink, take a breath, pause, and ask if it’s something you really need.