Jaycee Gossett, teacher at “the class,” is redefining the way we work out.

As a society, we are becoming more and more health conscious and looking for ways to integrate health and wellness practices into our daily lives. From how we eat to how we think to how we move, we are at a time where wellness is about a fully integrated way of being.

Fitness is a huge part of integrated health and its benefits can bring greater strength to more than the physical body. People want their workouts to do more for them! They are looking for a cathartic experience. Sweaty, high intensity, mind clearing, heart pumping, community driven and spiritually healing experiences are in high demand!

Have YOU ever asked yourself what your workout is actually doing for you? And how can you let it lead you to a deeper understanding of who you are, and how it can help teach you to move through blocks off your mat and outside the gym? Welcome to “the class.”

The body doesn’t lie. “Once we put the body in motion the subconscious will begin to heal itself,” my teacher G.Roth would say.

How we move is just another indicator of what’s happening within us beneath the surface.

When we move the body in “the class,” we move intensely with an intention to release, we have an opportunity to see what is really in there, identify what we need to release and then let it be the motivator to move so much more than the just our muscles!

These deeper levels that we gain access to are the spaces where emotions, traumas, and deep stressors are stored. The energies that create blocks.

To clear what we are holding deep within ourselves we must move deeply. Past the surface, past the obvious, and past the point of which the mind wants to stop. We seek that edge at “the class,” a 75-minute cathartic mind-body experience created by Taryn Toomey. We seek that edge at “the class” to access a deeper part of ourselves that may be stuck…. to clear it, heal it, learn from it and then grow from it.

When that edge is met, all signs point to stopping and this is THE moment to keep going! This is the moment the real work begins and fitness becomes a deeper opportunity for growth. Instead of stopping we take this moment to make another choice. We use it as a chance to drop in beneath the chaos and bring up the things blocking us.

The repression, depression, deep rooted fears, anxieties, grief, anger…etc. Whatever it is that is preventing us from moving forward. We continue moving to work out those energies and emotions that are not who we are in our truest self.

It is in this place, beneath the emotions that make us want to quit, where our true strength lives. The place of inner wisdom and inherent power that we all possess ..and when we meet it and unleash it…wow! Get ready!

We get to meet who we really are and all the strength that we ALL have access to. We can see how much more there really is to us. That experience of life force that comes with that strength is quite amazing. Remarkable actually. Right here is where we begin to form a deeper relationship with our full power and what we are capable of. We have to stop viewing ourselves as limited and start believing that we are capable of endless growth.

How we apply that to our daily lives outside of “the class.”

We imprint that moment when we broke through. We imprint the process of meeting the uncomfortable, staying with it and then moving through it. This is the take away! Apply this process to aspects of your life where you are in need of a change. Once the psyche witnesses the body moving to the next level, our whole being moves to the next level. The psyche will remember the flood gates of strength that open once the body moves past the fear and a new found vitality will be formed.

The only way to re-route our destiny is to rewrite it. Change the story, change the channel, change the meaning, but believe you can change it! Challenge the physical to heal the emotional, mental and spiritual. We change from the inside out. The limits are only in the mind.

Written by Jaycee Gossett, teacher at “the class
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