What’s better than a refreshing drink on a warm summer day? Mix one of our 3 oz. Immunity Shots with 12 oz. of your favorite seltzer. Top this mocktail however you please, adding fresh fruits, juices, and herbs to play off of the natural flavor. Feelin’ a cocktail? Add in your favorite liquor of choice, and make it your own! Don’t forget to let us know your favorite flavor combinations!

Blueberry - Ginger - Cucumber

You’ll need:

1 Immunity Shot

12 oz. plain seltzer

½ - 1 inch fresh ginger, grated

1 inch peeled cucumber, grated

¼ c. frozen blueberries

Grate your ginger and cucumber finely into a bowl. Let sit for a minute or two, then muddle/mix using whatever tools you have on hand! I just used the back of a spoon for this. Prep a glass with a few ice cubes, and ¼ cup of frozen blueberries. Transfer the muddled mixture into a strainer. Add your immunity shot and seltzer, slowly pouring these over the strainer to get that extra flavor. Stir to combine and garnish to your heart’s desire!

Orange - Rosemary

You’ll need:

1 Immunity Shot

12 oz. plain seltzer (or flavored!)

1 whole orange

Optional: ¼ tsp. Agave

Orange slice and rosemary twig to garnish

Juice half of an orange into a bowl with the leaves from half a rosemary stem. Optional: add your ¼ tsp. Agave for sweetness. Muddle these ingredients together, then strain into your drinking glass. Pour in your immunity shot, and 12 oz. of seltzer, pouring over the strained ingredients for extra infusion of flavors. (Try a flavored seltzer!) Stir your drink and add a bit of ice. Garnish simply with an orange slice and rosemary twig if you want to get fancy!