A quick note from the digital product team

We’re revamping the way you learn about meals!

Over the last several months, the Splendid Spoon Digital team has been working hard to update the look and feel of the Splendid Spoon logged-in experience. We want to provide an experience you love, to match the food that you love.

You’ve likely already seen our first update in this direction - the dashboard. The dashboard is designed to give you exactly the information you need to see when you’re logging in to the site - the state of your current order, handy links to edit your next box, manage your upcoming deliveries, and control your account. We also highlight meals and extras that we’ve recently added to the menu, to help you find your new favorites.

Today we release the next piece of the puzzle! Now, if you click on any meal you see on the dashboard, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful popup that outlines all of the important information about that item, including

  • The ingredients list (with any allergens highlighted),
  • Details about the meal
  • Nutritional information in an easy-to-read, familiar format.

We’ve also heard your requests for a simple way to view the nutritional macros for each meal. You can now view them simply by clicking on the meal!

Want to add our new Immunity shot to your next box? Just click on it from the dashboard, select the quantity you’d like, and click Add to Box.

Questions? Reach out!