It’s on.

The 30 Day Challenge kickstarts your commitment to YOU.

4 weeks of souping establishes a true connection between your intention and your habits to reveal a stronger body, a more peaceful mind, and ownership of your well-being.

That’s why we say, Plant Yourself! Build those roots. Commit to yourself. Participate in the change that will reveal a stronger body and mind. We believe in establishing repeatable habits so wellness becomes second nature.

The key to success is in the first 4 weeks: if you master the 30 Day Challenge you will establish the connection between your intentions and actions. This connection is the key to revealing inner confidence, strength, and increased potential.

Every week of the 30 day challenge is rooted in our Weekly Soup Cleanse program: 1 full day of souping, 5 days of single meal soup swaps, 1 day of no rules, repeat.

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Here’s what 30 days of souping looks like. Get ready to rock your best self, baby.

Week 1
Start simple with a clear focus on your goals, embracing your potential for change. Take each new day of souping one at a time with intention, excitement, and LOTS of self-love.

Week 2
Take pride in your dedication as you strengthen new habits and settle into a healthy rhythm — Cleanse, Swap, No Rules, Repeat.

Week 3
Get rooted in confidence as you establish this weekly loop of positive feedback connecting your choice (emotional self) and your behavior (physical self) with every repetition.

Week 4
Stand strong in your success! You are one with your routine, incorporating lean, plant-based eating into your lifestyle. You’ve done some powerful work here, ditching the old habits that held you back. Say hello to your Splendid Self!

For more detail on what to expect in those 30 days click HERE.