Big news. We’ve been working on these delicious grain bowls for so long and are very excited to reveal these four special menu options!

Take a look at the new meals below:

1. Lemon Wild Rice and Broccoli Bowl with Cauliflower and Capers

This grain bowl features wild rice and fresh, perfectly crunchy veggies with salty capers and a delicious lemon-y mustard vinaigrette. It isn’t just made with healthy ingredients - it tastes healthy in the best possible way. Our Wild Rice bowl is perfect for when you want something light and bright, but still filling!

Ingredient Highlight:
Wild Rice: This seed is filled with protein and helps strengthen muscles
Navy Beans: Help steady blood sugar
Broccoli: Keep gut health in check with this fibrous veggie

Per bowl nutrition facts: 320 calories, 12g protein, 12g fiber, 4g sugar

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2. Brown Rice Taco Bowl with Black beans & Tomato Salsa

In the mood for Mexican food without all the grease? Try our Taco Bowl! The black beans and salsa are mixed with other veggies, including carrots and onions, to provide the perfect blend of smokiness, sweetness, with a hint of spiciness. Our favorite way to enjoy it? Straight up, or with an avocado on top!

Ingredient Highlight:
Peppers: Packed with tons of Vitamin C (even more than an orange)
Black Beans: Help steady blood sugar
Pepitas: These seeds are filled with heart-healthy magnesium

Per bowl nutrition facts: 340 calories, 14g protein, 10g fiber, 6g sugar

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3. Tuscan White Bean & Tomato Bowl with Greens and Fennel Ragout

For those of us who have visiting Italy on our bucket-lists, we bring you the Tuscan grain bowl. A savory, rustic blend of tomatoes, basil, beans, and greens, this bowl tastes like it was picked fresh out of an Italian garden and made in your Nona’s kitchen.

Ingredient Spotlight:
Sorghum: This grain isn’t just great for digestive health - it also supports strong hair and nails
Swiss Chard: A leafy green that fights fatigue
Fennel: Defends against cancer-causing compounds

Per bowl nutrition facts: 320 calories, 14g protein, 14g fiber, 6g sugar

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4. Aloo Gobi Quinoa Bowl with Peas and Cauliflower

Skip ordering Indian take-out with our Aloo gobi bowl! This dish is our gluten-free take on the classic vegetarian dish popular on the Indian subcontinent. Quinoa, potatoes, mushrooms, red peppers, carrots, and peas are seasoned with curry powder and turmeric to create a warming, comforting, healthy meal. Think of it as a guilt-free samosa, and thank us later.

Ingredient Spotlight:
Mushrooms: Filled with Vitamin D to strengthen bones
Peas: Brightens skin for a healthy glow with Vitamin A
Turmeric: Nature’s best anti-inflammatory

Per bowl nutrition facts: 340 calories, 10g protein, 8g fiber, 6g sugar

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