Real life is messy, we’re here to help simplify.

Here at Splendid Spoon, we know life gets messy. There are things to do, events to attend, health goals to reach - while also feeding yourself and getting some sleep. Instead of kicking off the new year with unattainable goals, commit yourself to Spooning for a month! No matter how busy you are, there’s one thing you always need: food.

On the topic of buys, we asked our customers for a peek into their real (and yes, messy) day-to-day. We fully support the 80 / 20 rule where 80% of the time you follow the rules, the other 20% - forget it. And that's ok. We’re here to cross the stress of meal prep off your list.

You met Noreen last week. We’ll be introducing you to another customer this week. Let’s get started.

Meet the crew. Then let us know, what is your busy??

Meet Margeaux

Instagram Bio: I make organic and wild-crafted skincare products. Aromatherapist in training. Mom to Leo and Willa. New Yorker.

Mom of two, she wants to make her home as nurturing as possible. Not only is she constantly working to become a better mother (packing lunches everyday, reading storybooks at night, encouraging arts and crafts, reading up on parenting books), but she also started her own skincare biz! Power mom, am I right?

This is her busy:

  1. Coffee mug (why does school have to start so early?)
  2. Kids artwork (my little Picasso’s)
  3. To-do list (run a business, run a family)
  4. Lunch boxes (sneaking veggies in there whenever possible)
  5. Yoga blocks (me time)
  6. Skin care products (healthy skin, healthy life)

How does Splendid fit in?:

Because she puts so much time and energy into providing nourishing meals for her children, her own nourishment takes a back seat. She’s thankful for Splendid Spoon which keeps her far from “hangry mom” and allows her to be both an entrepreneur and still have energy for family time!

Smoothie of choice:

Green Matcha Smoothie

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