Real life is messy, we’re here to help simplify.

Here at Splendid Spoon, we know life gets messy. There are things to do, events to attend, health goals to reach - while also feeding yourself and getting some sleep. Instead of kicking off the new year with unattainable goals, commit yourself to Spooning for a month! No matter how busy you are, there’s one thing you always need: food.

On the topic of buys, we asked our customers for a peek into their real (and yes, messy) day-to-day. We fully support the 80 / 20 rule where 80% of the time you follow the rules, the other 20% - forget it. And that's ok. We’re here to cross the stress of meal prep off your list.

You met Margeaux last week. We’ll be introducing you to another customer this week. Let’s get started.

Meet the crew. Then let us know, what is your busy??

Meet Patricia

Instagram bio: Triathlete. 🏊‍♀️ Mom. 💙 NJ.

She manages a chaotic day-to-do with poise and good humor. As a mom of two, she has to get up super duper early to find time for her own fitness regimen. After battling with health issues for years, she found a fitness and nutrition routine that worked for her. Now, she kicks butt competing in triathlons while also raising children. She’s a true health warrior!

This is her busy:

  1. Biking shoes (40 km bike, wow)
  2. Makeup (it’s not all sports gear)
  3. Car keys (gotta get the boys to school on time)
  4. Inhaler (uhg, asthma)
  5. Toys (ouch, I stepped on a Leggo!)

How does Splendid fit in?:

She was sick of living off power bars and so welcomed Splendid Spoon into her busy life. The pre-portioned control and ease of the soups and smoothies forces her to not skip meals, and she loves that it is a true grab and go meal. Splendid Spoon has helped her tremendously with stress levels - she can pack and go for the day!

Smoothie of choice:

AB&J Smoothie

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