A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. Mindful eating is a simple and straightforward way to begin. Follow one of these exercises before your meal, and steadily find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

Your Future Splendid Self

Prepare your meal. Remove any distractions. Sit down. State your mantra: “The past is gone. The future is what I make of now.”

As you Spoon, acknowledge and embrace the space you create for yourself with your Spooning ritual. The future is what you make of now. Every Spoonful and every step counts. Every moment you choose to put your health first opens up the potential for a stronger, prouder, more confident you. That’s your future Splendid Self.

Whether you’ve been Spooning for a day, a week, a month, or a year, the passage of time is constant, so acknowledge it. Be joyful that you’re always moving, and that each time you choose to sit for your mindful meal, you’re moving in a direction of your own positive design.