A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. Mindful eating is a simple and straightforward way to begin. Follow one of these exercises before your meal, and steadily find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

Show Up For Your Meal

Schedule time in your calendar for your daily mindful meal. When the time arrives, prepare your meal. Remove any distractions. Sit down.

Show up for your meal as you would an important meeting, date, or work-out class. Your meal deserves as much attention as these other activities.

As you Spoon, notice how you interact with the meal: what tastes can you detect? How does it make you feel? Does it warm you? Does it satisfy you? As you give yourself fully to this meal, your enjoyment will grow, and the food will better nourish you.

When you’ve finished eating, pause. Close your eyes. Take five deep breaths. Allow yourself to be present to the here and now before you give yourself fully to the next part of your day.