A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. Mindful eating is a simple and straightforward way to begin. Follow one of these exercises, one meal a day, and steadily find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

Slowing Down

Set a timer for 15 minutes. Sit down with your meal. Inhale. Exhale. Move your focus away from your to-do list, towards your breath.

Close your eyes. Take ten deep breaths in and out.

Start Spooning. Spoon slowly. Pause between every Spoonful. These 15 minutes are just for you and your meal. Notice the taste, the texture and the temperature. When your mind wanders away from your food, gently guide it back to this simple action.

When you feel satisfied, but still energized, don’t jump up to continue with your day. Put your spoon down. Take a deep breath.

Notice how you now feel, how this mindful meal has changed your mood. Stay seated and focus on your breath and body until the timer sounds.

Practice this every time you Spoon. Take a moment every day to think about how this small break empowers you to slow down and get grounded.

— — — —

Spoon With the Other Hand

Remove any distractions. Set your meal and spoon in front of you.

Inhale. Exhale. While you exhale, gently shake your head from side to side to release tension.

Pick up your spoon. Notice how it feels in your hand. Put it down.

Pick up your spoon with your non-dominant hand. Notice how it feels in this less-used hand.

Start to spoon with your non-dominant hand. Smile at how challenging this is. Embrace the childlike enjoyment this action brings.

Between every mouthful, set your spoon down. If you pick it up with your dominant hand, acknowledge this mistake, and switch over to the other hand.

When you finish, take note of how you feel. This activity distracts you from everything in your day. Now you can return to it with a more calm and grounded focus.

— — — —

Make mindful eating a daily ritual and notice the benefits in both your physical and mental health. All it takes is 15 minutes a day to transform your precarious eating habits into steadfast routines which work wonders on your body and your brain.