At Splendid Spoon, we want to make the mindfulness world accessible. Whether you find mindfulness on your yoga mat, running, dancing, or doing jumping jacks, we encourage it! Strengthening, healing, and nourishing your body & mind is central to our philosophy. This month, we’re talking to our favorite wellness experts about what mindful movement means to them.

Today, we speak with wellness superstar Alyssa Brieloff about how she incorporates mindful movement into her daily routine:

Splendid Spoon: What does mindfulness mean to you?

Alyssa: For me, mindfulness means being conscious of my actions and the choices I make every day. It means being aware of when I need to calm my mind with yoga or meditation. It means being mindful of the ingredients I put into my body. And it means being mindful of the state of mind I choose to live in.

SS: What’s your favorite way to move?

AB: I love working out and I wish I could take a workout class every day. My favorite classes are SoulCycle, Y7, and Current Fitness. Otherwise, walking around NYC on a warm day! [Always the best option! — Ed.]

SS: If you were one movement, what would it be?

AB: A sun salutation.[A classic! — Ed.]

SS: Where else do you incorporate mindfulness into your day?

AB: I incorporate mindfulness not only through the ingredients I put into my body, but also what I put on it. I seek natural makeup and skincare brands and I like being able to pronounce everything that’s in the products I use.[We follow this rule too!—Ed.] I try to do something self-care related for at least five minutes every day, whether it’s enjoying a cup of tea, or putting on a face mask and watching my favorite show.

SS: What’s your favorite post-movement Splendid Spoon soup?

AB: I’m obsessed with the Cauliflower Coconut :).