At Splendid Spoon, we want to make the mindfulness world accessible. Whether you find mindfulness on your yoga mat, running, dancing, or doing jumping jacks, we encourage it! Strengthening, healing, and nourishing your body & mind is central to our philosophy. This month, we’re talking to our favorite wellness experts about what mindful movement means to them.

Today, we speak with expert dietitian Eliza Whetzel, about how she incorporates mindful movement into her day.

Splendid Spoon: What does mindfulness mean to you?

Eliza: Mindfulness means being in the present moment as much as possible, and cultivating a sense of awareness that can be applied at all times.

SS: What’s your favorite way to move?

EW: My favorite way to move is definitely hiking. Sadly, that’s rarely possible in NYC (unless you count the subway or making your way through Whole Foods)! I love traveling to places where I can hike and enjoy the outdoors. The picture at the top is from my recent honeymoon in New Zealand. Every single panorama was so picturesque. This trip reminded me how large the world is — there’s so much to discover and explore!

When I’m in NYC, or places that don’t have immediate access to hiking, my favorite way to move is running. Central Park is my domain. I make a point to get outside and into the greenery as much as possible. It definitely makes living in a frenetic city more doable for me, especially since I work in Midtown!

SS: If you were one movement, what would it be?

EW: Oh goodness! I feel like I’m always moving, so it’s tough to choose just one — a leap, step, jig, macarena?! The first thing that comes to mind is downward dog, as I always do a few rounds of sun salutations before running in the morning. I love the feeling of stretching after a good night’s sleep!

SS: Where else do you incorporate mindfulness into your day?

EW: I can’t say I do it every day, but I try to do a 10-minute Headspace meditation as often as possible. I tend to be an anxious person, and meditation has become a tool to help me manage my anxiety and stress.

SS: What’s your favorite post-movement Splendid Spoon meal?

EW: Vegan Bone Broth! It’s light and refreshing, but also incredibly nourishing and savory.