At Splendid Spoon, we want to make the mindfulness world accessible. Whether you find mindfulness on your yoga mat, running, dancing, or doing jumping jacks, we encourage it! Strengthening, healing, and nourishing your body & mind is central to our philosophy. This month, we’re talking to our favorite wellness experts about what mindful movement means to them

Today, we speak with Nikki Ostrower, a holistic nutritionist based in New York, about how she finds mindfulness through movement:

Splendid Spoon: What does mindfulness mean to you?

Nikki: Being present. Being generous in my interactions with others. Being increasingly aware of what’s working or not working in my daily life, and adjusting my course as necessary, without judging it. Slowing down to breathe and be grateful.

SS: What’s your favorite way to move?

NO: I live for Kundalini Yoga. It helps me destress and resets my entire way of being. I also love running with my daughter Emma along the Hudson. I sweat while she enjoys the view of the skyline! [Lucky Emma!—Ed.]

SS: If you were one movement, what would it be?

NO: I would say “tree pose” because it reminds me to stand tall, stay balanced, get grounded, and just breathe.

SS: Where else do you incorporate mindfulness into your day?

NO: I try to be mindful whenever I’m with my daughter. I’m working a lot and she’s growing so fast: I really make an effort to drop everything and be present with her when we’re together. That time is so precious and fleeting, and I want to enjoy every moment. She deserves that from me!

SS: What’s your favorite post-movement Splendid Spoon soup?

NO: I love the Lentil and Kale! [Always a favorite!—Ed.] It’s so flavorful and filling. It seems unfair that it’s also so good for you, but thankfully, it is!