At Splendid Spoon, we want to make the mindfulness world accessible. Whether you find mindfulness on your yoga mat, running, dancing, or doing jumping jacks, we encourage it! Strengthening, healing, and nourishing your body & mind is central to our philosophy. This month, we’re talking to our favorite wellness experts about what mindful movement means to them

Today, we speak with wellness writer, holistic nutritionist, and wellness retreat curator Shauna Faulisi, of Soul Wellness Method and Soul Wellness Method | Travels.

Splendid Spoon: What does mindfulness mean to you?

Shauna: To me, mindfulness means being proactive, not reactive. It means Having a sense of calm that allows you to adapt to situations faster, to be sharp, and most of all, to have compassion for everything around you.

SS: What’s your favorite way to move?

SF: I love anything that pays homage to my years of ballet and dance. ModelFIT is my LA & NY go-to; it lengthens my muscles and makes me feel centered and strong. I love quiet walks in nature. We’re so lucky here in LA to have so many great hiking trails. No headphones, no talking, just walking quietly — it’s so healing.

SS: When do you feel most at peace?

SF: When I’m centered and proactive! When I take time to mediaite and be grateful. When I travel and get to see how others live and spend time in the beautiful world mother nature has created.

SS: If you were one movement, what would it be?

SF: I’d be an arabesque!

SS: Where else do you incorporate mindfulness into your day?

SF: With my clients! My Holistic Nutrition practice is more than just handing out meal plans. My clients have so much trust in me, and we end up developing beautiful relationships. The undivided love and attention I give clients is part of their healing process.

SS: What’s your favorite post-movement Splendid Spoon soup?

SF: Thai Coconut Curry!