January is a month of detoxes, cleansing, and make-up-for-the-holidays resolutions. But what if this year we take a more sustainable approach to nourishing body and mind? After all, it’s the small habit changes that have the most powerful impact on our overall, long-term health.

Today, we speak with the co-founder of Sefte—creators of ethically-made homeware and accessories—Sarah Pearsall, about how to take a more mindful approach to how we live, both through the products we choose to purchase and how we approach our day-to-day.

Splendid Spoon: Hi Sarah! Tell us about your journey to create Sefte.

Sarah Pearsall: My co-founder in Sefte is my twin sister, Jenn. Sisterhood is at the core of our business. Jenn and I were inseparable throughout our childhood, college, and even into our experiences living and volunteering with the Peace Corps. It was when we came home and entered the working world that something changed. We found ourselves on different coasts. We lost connection with each other.

We saw the same all around us…people racing towards an invisible finish line and losing their connection with themselves and each other along the way. We decided it was time to slow our lives down, reconnect, cherish our moments together, our families, and ourselves. We wanted to rediscover the intoxicating inspiration we found in places like Argentina, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Peru.

We decided that the best place to start was in our home, so we launched Sefte.

SS: All the Sefte creations are made with so much thought, care, and love. Why did you want to focus on this?

SP: Jenn and I believe in what we call “The Power of Your Purchase.” By this we mean that your purchase provides you not only with a product you love, but also contributes, in a myriad of ways, to the people around you.

SS: How do you design products that encourage people to slow down and enjoy the small moments?

SP: Every product is created by real human hands, with honest, pure materials. This craftsmanship, luxury, and soul, creates a potency to our pieces, helping you slow down and cherish every moment. They are designed for — and encourage — ritual use.

SS: What piece of advice would you give someone looking to slow down and connect with themselves?

SP: Practice mindfulness. That could mean pushing back from the computer and looking out the window, watching your children play, enjoying a cup of tea, or (like me) meditating. Take time for this. Make time for this. It’s mere minutes out of your day.

SS: Besides being a business owner, you’re also a trained meditation leader. Can you tell us how this came about?

SP: I think meditation was always “coming about” for me. My sister gave me books on meditation at 14 years old. I grew up in the mountains of Lake Tahoe so nature was my meditation. New York’s urban landscape and constant auditory and visual stimulus made it harder to ground myself and quiet the chatter. A friend introduced me to Vedic Meditation [A mantra-based form of meditation. — Ed.] and I formalized my practice by being trained. Nicole (of Splendid Spoon!) and I bonded over this — my teacher was trained by her teacher. Kindred spirits!

SS: How does meditation fit into your daily life?

SP: I sit for 20 minutes first thing in the morning, and for another 20 minutes in the afternoon. Right now I enjoy doing it after my boys are tucked into bed and the house is quiet. My husband and I sit together; it’s a beautiful way to wind down our day.

SS: What differences do you notice in yourself thanks to your practice?

SP: I have implemented “The Pause”. Between an event and your reaction lies a very small space. That space might only be a quarter of a second long, but if you practice inserting a longer pause in that space, you give yourself time to think about how you want to react. It takes mindful practice and focus, but you can change what feels like an automatic response into an automatic pause. It’s life-changing.

SS: Can you share a simple ritual we can practice to better connect to ourselves and find warmth in the cold, challenging winter season?

SP: Self-care rituals are simple and luxurious. I love the ritual of taking a bath; I light candles and pour in Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender or rose essential oils. I love to wrap myself in a beautiful robe post-bath.

SS: What do you do to get grounded?

SP: I call my sister. She’s my person. We have literally been side-by-side since my inception. She knows who I am, unties my knots, and sets me straight. She grounds me.

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