We’re so excited to be taking another step towards reducing our business’ overall carbon footprint. This year, we made commitments to launch several sustainability projects. We're proud to announce that we've begun transitioning our Noodles packaging into a more environmentally-friendly format: Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic!

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic, or PCR, is the material that is made from the items consumers recycle (think empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc.). These items are collected by local recycling centers where they get sorted out by material into bales. The bales are typically purchased by manufacturers and broken/melted down to pellets to then be used/incorporated into a new package or product.

Reprocessing existing plastics uses less energy and fossil fuels. The environment is saved from excess pollution and wasted resources, while manufacturers are still able to produce a durable container. PCR plastic is both environmentally friendly AND cost-effective. Since recycled plastic is such a readily available material, there is a steady supply of recycled products to transform into PCR plastic! It can take up to 500 years for some plastics to decompose in a landfill. The PCR process re-uses what we already struggle to get rid of to help to protect the planet and reduce our footprint.

If you get 5 Noodles per week in your plan, your plastic savings will be around 5 pounds per year! Every bit counts. You'll start seeing these new boxes over the next few weeks. These are the same noodles you know and love – same taste with a new face!

Questions? We're here to help! Reach out to us at any time at [email protected].