Why 30 day challenge? Because…life!

I decided to join the 30 day challenge alongside everyone else as a commitment to myself and the amazing people who have taken the dive into souping with us!

Despite their apparent skepticism (a man on stilts was the photographer) my two guys were pretty psyched to spend an evening with me at the NYC train show.

I’m an entrepreneur mom and I love making my time with my kids count. I suppose I don’t have an excuse not to eat well, given my background studying health and the focus of Splendid Spoon, but believe me it still happens. Over the holidays, and any time throughout the year really, I notice feelings of sluggishness and even reduced confidence in my routine. A weekly cleanse and soup swaps keep me on track. But its the holiday season, above all, where it becomes harder to remember when the no rules day ended and the cleanse day kicked in… cue the 30 day challenge. It is a nice feeling to commit to a full month in honor of me! I have friends who pledge sobriety, an end to tardiness, or less sweets. I like to think of my resolution as a challenge to myself — I enjoy feeling energized, having a balanced digestive system and seeing clearer skin! The Splendid Self plan isn’t about giving something up, it’s about putting myself back on the front burner.

Are you doing the 30 Day Challenge this month? I’d love to hear how you’re spooning, and answer any questions you may have along the way. It’s always more fun spooning with friends!