Decisions, decisions. Which Splendid drink to choose? Here’s your complete guide on when to grab each of our drinks from the fridge.

Are all drinks created equal? We’re here to outline the best uses for all of our Splendid sips. We offer a wide range of Smoothies, Shots, and a brand new line of Cold-Pressed Juices. What’s the best time to choose each drink?

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

When to choose Smoothies...

Our smoothies are developed to have the perfect mix of protein, good-for-you fats, energizing carbs, and fiber. They can also be 1 or 2 servings depending on hunger (drinking both servings makes them a great meal replacement!). Smoothies are an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch on-the-go, as well as a healthy and satisfying snack or dessert! With 19 different flavors to choose from, everyone will find a smoothie to fit their taste buds.

Use case: meal, snack, dessert, on-the-go

Straight From Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

When to choose Shots...

Bursting with mother nature’s goodness, our line of Shots are packed with traditional herbs and spices that not only enhance flavor, but pack an immune boosting health benefit. We have 4 delicious shots to choose from for an extra dose of antioxidants, aimed to target specific needs.

Our Recovery Shot is an invigorating juice blend formulated to enhance exercise recovery, promote performance, & alleviate muscle soreness.

The Detox Shot includes antioxidant-rich kale & aloe to flush toxins away. Aloe helps maintain ‘good’ bacteria to keep your gut flora balanced and reduce bloating and gas.

Wellness Shots are an easy way to boost nutrition and immunity in one sip. They are anti-inflammatory, aid in digestion and improve energy, and support a strong immune system.

Our Digestion Shots are a digestive tonic to soothe inflammation and promote gut health with the addition of turmeric and ginger, nature's best anti-inflammatories.

Use case: a functional, quick boost of nutrients aimed at supporting specific goals for optimal health

Hello Hydration!

When to choose Juices...

Our line of Cold-Pressed Green Juices are made from whole fruits and vegetables. Green juices can be consumed daily due to their whole ingredients and no added sugars. Green juices contain ingredients with anti-inflammatory, digestive, and immune health support.

Our green juices are full of nutrients such as vitamin C, A, K, B12, B1 and B2 as well as minerals such as iron and copper, which support immune health and are anti-inflammatory. These juices contain compounds such as bromelain found in pineapples, phycocyanin found in spirulina, and chlorophyll found in chlorella, which help support digestive health.

They are lighter in flavor, and less calorically dense than shots, making them an excellent and refreshing replacement for higher sugar drinks, like soft drinks. Our green juices can be consumed at any time of the day - with meals, in between meals, or on the go. Along with all the nutrient benefits, our juices also support hydration.

Use case: hydrating replacement for higher calorie, less nutrient dense drinks

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