Happy Holidays from the team at Splendid Spoon! We are feeling warm and fuzzy as we take some time to connect with each other and our families this holiday season. We asked our team their favorite holiday traditions they look forward to every year.

"My wife always likes to make a big batch of German-style sugar cookies a day or two before Christmas, since she did it with her mom growing up. Plus, our little ones are finally old enough to start helping."

-Drew, Associate Director of Technology

"Every year my best friends and I head to Serendipity on a specific day in December- it started off as a coincidence (ahem- serendipity!) that we always ended up there on the same day, and now it's tradition!"

-Briana, Social Media Manager

"Every year my mom and I (and with very limited help from my other siblings) spend a full day making as many Christmas cookies as we can. We usually try to make 8-10 different types of cookies. My favorite are the Italian cookies (unsure if this is a real name or one we've adapted!). They used to be my great grandmother's recipe but my mom swears she left an ingredient out when she passed the recipe down because every year she says they don't taste the same as they used to!"

-Sam, Director of People

"I pick up the kids from school a little early and we go home and make fresh whipped cream, hot cocoa and listen to Christmas music while we make Santa's cookies."

- Nicole, Founder & Co-CEO

"Every Christmas morning my family makes Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast while opening presents - they are always good but never taste as good as they do on Christmas!We also always skipped church on Christmas Eve/Day (too crowded, someone random was always in our seats!!? ) but when I was young, my church as well as the Presbyterian church up the street and the synagogue down the road would host services we would cycle through. I always loved going to the other services and learning about different religions and how they celebrated."

-Maria, Senior Brand Marketing Manager

"Grating potatoes for latkes, accidentally grating my finger instead, cursing and ordering a pizza."

-Jake, Supply Chain Planner

"Every year the women in my family have a holiday cookie competition. It's a huge thing and my grandma's house is packed to the seams with family, friends, and neighbors. We ask 3 people from town (non-bias) each year to be the judges and there are prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. It gets heated yall! My cousin is still upset about "cookiegate" 2019. She was robbed!!!"

- Kea'nia, Training & Development Specialist

We have a homemade pasta making tradition -- Christmas Cappelletti! My mom's family gets together before and make a huge batch to feed the whole extended family on Christmas day. I look forward to this meal all year not only because I absolutely love the delicious flavor, but also it's a tradition that has kept us connected to our Italian heritage.

-Elise, Co-CEO

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your favorite holiday traditions on Instagram or in our Spoon Crew! However you celebrate, we wish you a happy holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!