We are excited to announce that one of the most requested features is being added to your ordering experience: As of November 1st, you will be able to adjust your weekly subscription to include ANY number of Smoothies, Soup & Grain Bowls, and Noodles! There is no longer a minimum of 2, 5, or 7 per category.

Here’s how it works: pick your favorites, try something new, and personalize your box with as few as 7 and as many as 28 plant-powered, homemade-for-you meals per week.

We’ve made it super easy to change your plan! Just go to your Account Details Page to adjust your quantities as often as you like. You can also adjust which categories you’re subscribed to on your Manage Deliveries Page, or simply add or remove new meals as you’re Editing Your Box each week.

In addition to increased flexibility in meal category mix, your menu will include a unique cost for each meal type as well as applicable shipping charges. We have done this so you know exactly what you are being charged for - the cost for each meal category and the cost for shipping are now broken out separately, and you receive price breaks based on the quantity of meals you have in your box. . This new pricing structure may decrease or increase the overall price of your current plan, which you can adjust easily and as often as makes sense for you.

Here is how these costs break down:

Smoothies $9.99
Soup and Grain Bowls $12.49
Noodles $13.49
Light Soups $12.49
Shipping (for boxes under 10 meals): $12.99

Here is why price-per-meal prices changed in certain categories:

The cost for our meals continues to fluctuate and is most impacted by labor costs. Simply put, more labor intensive meals such as our Soup and Grain Bowls which have a high concentration of varied ingredients and ingredient preparations, are more expensive to make than our Smoothies which require less manual labor to produce. We have adjusted the prices of these categories accordingly, and will continue to be transparent with our customers, especially as we realize additional cost efficiencies in labor. We are working with urgency to improve this situation for our Soup and Grain Bowls.

Here’s why we now have shipping costs as a separate line item:

Throughout 2022, Splendid Spoon has continued to bear the cost of increased fuel and freight charges across our shipping network. Keeping shipping as a separate charge allows us to communicate clearly what this cost is. We do not expect to increase this charge again in the near future, but it does also allow us to be nimble as fuel and freight costs continue to be volatile. Separate shipping charges also allow us to communicate which box sizes provide our business and our customers with greater cost savings. These savings are passed through to our customers when we send more products in single shipments, i.e. boxes with 10 or more meals receive free shipping.

Find the mix that works best for you in your Account Details Page and Edit Box page, or check out some of the ways our customers are modifying their boxes below:

Keep an eye out, you will receive an email that is custom to you and your current plan!

The more your order, the more you save…

  • All boxes over 10 meals will receive FREE shipping
  • Get 14 items, receive $10 off
  • Get 20 items, receive $25 off
  • Get 25 items, receive $40 off

Need support? We’re always here to help. Reach out to us here, and a member of our Customer Experience team will walk you through your new ordering experience. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs!