Happy Pride! Splendid Spoon proudly supports the LGBTQIA+ community, and we believe in making healthy food accessible to all families. We’d like to be more vocal moving forward about our ongoing partnerships and spotlight the work we’re doing this month to support our local LGBTQIA+ community.

This year, we’ve chosen to partner with Claim Our Space Now, a collective focused on educating, unionizing and mobilizing against white supremacy, and will support their second Annual Pride event, Rally for Freedom: Pride for All Black Lives. We’ll be donating $6,000 to their grassroots fund, Project FROM (First Round's On Me), which focuses on food security among other initiatives for Black and Brown communities.

Since their launch in June 2020, Claim Our Space Now has created free accessible educational resources, as well as compiled a #NationalResourceDirectory that includes information on Black mental healthcare, Queer safe spaces, police reform, and many other topics. This fall, they have ignited Freedom Fighters across the country to register voters in vulnerable Black and brown communities, as well as register people for the 2020 census. They've hosted rallies, created dozens of pop-ups across the nation, and been featured on NY1, CBS, and Playbill highlighting their campaign work.

Project FROM's mission is to benefit the most disadvantaged communities in New York and across the country through micro-grants directly to those in need. Their work begins by forging change in the following areas: mental health resources in the Black community, prison reform, and food & housing security. Splendid Spoon's donation will specifically focus on food accessibility for these communities.

Due to policies born out of white supremacy and the oppression of marginalized communities in our country, a single economic hurdle (such as the need for therapy or taking on the responsibility or care of a family member) can significantly and destructively alter the lives of those who seek freedom from the very forces that attempt to suppress that progress. For many individuals on the economic margin, small acts of restorative justice from Project FROM will significantly change the outlook of that work, and enrich broader communities, helping to spotlight the limitless potential of the human spirit across the country and around the world.

On June 26, they are hosting a Rally For Freedom: Pride For ALL Black Lives. Rally for Freedom will take place on Saturday June 26, 2021 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY 11225 from 9AM - 3PM. Their second annual Pride event will celebrate the historically disenfranchised voices of the LGBTQ+ movement, particularly highlighting Black femmes, Trans and non-binary folks. Their mission is to embolden anti-racist action and bring the community together in a joyful, safe celebration of PRIDE through this day of events.

If you would like to attend the Rally or join the 5K, feel free to register HERE. If you are interested in supporting Claim Our Space Now through a donation, you can pledge your support HERE.