We sat down with Mackenzie Ross, a senior Barry's instructor and IIN health coach from California, to learn how she maintains a healthy routine (& has fun doing it). We partnered with Barry's, the OG high intensity interval training workout, to inspire you to run faster, lift heavier and recovery smarter.

Tell us about yourself!

I was born and raised in Southern California. I am a senior instructor at Barry’s and an IIN health coach. I love to be outside, and spend my weekends outdoors!

How long have you been a Barry’s instructor?

I started with Barry’s almost 7 years ago! The first few in Orange County, and then a few years in NYC.

Walk us through a typical day - from waking up to how you fuel your workouts to what it’s like to lead a Barry’s class.

I wake up around 6-6:30 every day. I have coffee and water to start the day. I eat a light breakfast before I teach! I am really eating all day long. Breakfast, snack, lunch, & dinner. I work out when I have time between or before classes and clients!

How do you stay motivated and consistent with being active (even on days when it’s extra hard)?

I have disciplined myself to be this way. Motivation is not present every day, and on the days it’s not there, you fall back to the routine you have set up. I also remind myself how lucky I am to move my body.

How do you look after your mental health & wellbeing?

I participate in talk therapy, and eating a clean diet. I also believe in keeping yourself on a schedule so your body knows what to expect. Waking up at the same time every day is huge for me!

What does a typical day of meals and snacks look like for you?

I love a light breakfast, chia seeds pudding, eggs and sausage, maybe even a Splendid Spoon Power Greens Smoothie. For snacks, my go to are jerky sticks, fruit, nut butter, hummus & veggies. For lunch and dinner I load up on protein, veggies & healthy carbs. I LIVE FOR roasted sweet potatoes.

What’s your favorite pre-workout snack or meal?

I don’t take any supplements. I try to eat at least 2 hours before working out so I can digest. I drink one cup of coffee a day!

What is your favorite Splendid Spoon product from the new high protein meals?

I loved the Vegan Meatballs & Marinara Noodles. UNREAL!

What’s your go-to pump up song or playlist?

All things remixed!

Fun fact?

I used to have to sit by myself in school because I talked too much. My parents call it ‘personality.'

As a Senior Barry’s Instructor, what’s your best advice for sticking to a healthy routine?

Stick to a routine, and prioritize yourself. No one is going to do it for you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are so many people out there in this field to help hold you accountable.

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