Take a look at how Eliza Savage, one of Splendid Spoon’s Registered Dietitians, experiences our latest and greatest.

Eliza Savage, Reset Day Diary

A day of self care in Splendid Spoon’s favorite format: soup. After a stressful week or a crazy weekend, a Reset Day may sound amazing in theory, but a bit daunting in practice. What does it entail? How will I feel? I’m here to tell you it may be just what the doctor (or dietitian!) ordered, and much simpler than you think. Reset, renew and replenish!

A Reset day is a great way to give the body time to rest, digest, and heal. By stepping away from processed foods, or even just your daily go-to’s, you’ll recalibrate your taste buds, cut cravings, and refocus your health goals. With less time spent digesting, the body can focus on repairing and using the whole, real foods in the soups to up your energy, reduce bloating and inflammation, and improve your skin, among many other benefits!

All you have to do is spoon. The guidelines are simple: enjoy a soup every 2-3 hours, drink lots of water, and most importantly—be kind to yourself! You may want to move gently or take a rest day, and if you’re still hungry, you can always add a snack of raw fruits, veggies, or nuts and seeds.

The Splendid Spoon team reformulated the original Reset recipes to offer 5 heartier, tastier and more satisfying options. I kept a journal to give you a little peek into what it may be like. Soups on, friends!


Wake up slow. The alarm clock goes off, and the first thing I think of is coffee. Today, however, I’m adding a hot water with lemon before my one approved mug of java (with a plant-based milk). Rehydrating the body after a night of rest is critical. Warm or hot water with lemon helps to detoxify the system and get the digestive system moving. While sipping lemon water, I use my Calm app to lead me in a brief guided meditation. Today is all about resetting in mind, body, and soul.


It’s breakfast time, and I’m ready to start spooning. The nourishing and energizing taste of the Garden Minestrone Soup is full of fiber and satisfying healthy fats. It’s delicious and my now-grumbling stomach feels satisfied, yet light. I’m ready to seize the day!


I’ve been busy with clients throughout the morning, being sure to refill my water and tea when I have a moment. My energy is soaring, and I’ve hit the bathroom a few more times than normal. This is a clear message that I’m adequately hydrated, and my kidneys are working hard to remove any unwanted waste. This (mostly) liquid reset gives the digestive system a break and helps the body to assimilate all the vitamins and minerals quickly. Makes sense…less for the body to process means more energy can be allocated towards healing, regenerating and replenishing!

I grab my Butternut Turmeric Soup. The orange-tinted elixir is a sweet and savory mix that serves as the ultimate anti-inflammatory. The sweet potatoes and squash give that extra oomph of energy to power me through the rest of the afternoon.


Time for another soup! I’m surprisingly not as hungry as I thought I would be! My body feels much lighter than normal, and my afternoon craving for caffeine is diminished as I swap my regular snack for another soup to tide me over until dinner. The Lentil & Kale Soup is my top pick here. It packs a protein (lentils) and fiber (kale) punch - two nutrients I always recommend including in the afternoon, so you don’t get hangry! I know I’ll be adding one of these to my normal snack stash.


It’s time to spoon another tasty plant-based soup! Cauliflower Potato Chowder with Navy Beans & Rosemary is my choice for the evening. The warm and hearty meal is deeply satisfying. Tonight, I make an effort to enjoy the soup in a nice bowl and sit down to eat with the TV off. I light a candle and turn on some tunes—I’m really focusing on tuning into how I feel when I eat. Research[1] shows that removing distractions, slowing down, and savoring your food can increase satiety and lead to better weight control.


I can’t believe the day is already over. I usually spend so much time meal planning and prepping—and Splendid Spoon took away all that work today. What a nice mental and physical break!  To hydrate and prepare for bedtime, I put the Cauliflower Tikka in a nice mug and enjoy it while I take a relaxing bath. After a day of resetting, I know I’ll wake up feeling like a million bucks!

Overall, the Reset Day was a breeze. Sure, there were moments where I was tempted to revert to my normal routine—but one day is easy! Knowing that I put in minimal time and energy to do something good for my body was a no brainer. When can I sign up again?

[1] https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/97/4/728/4577025