Hey Spoon Crew!

My name is Alex Hagney. I joined the Splendid Spoon Team three and a half months ago. Before joining the team I did not have a meditation practice. And although I wish I could say that I’ve magically discovered a mediation practice since then, I’m actually still searching.

Growing up as a dancer, I adapted healthy eating habits and participated in mindful practices such as yoga, but I was never introduced to a meditation routine. I go to yoga at least four times a week and enjoy the last four minutes of every class lying in shavasana. I’ve always thought that those four minutes were my “meditation threshold.” However, since joining Splendid Spoon — where we focus on mindfulness and wellness — I’ve learned that mediation goes way beyond those last four minutes of my yoga class.

There’s this word called mindfulness; the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something that one wants to achieve. As we step into the New Year, I want to resolve to be more conscious and aware, but it’s hard to wrap my mind around what exactly I should focus on. So I asked myself: “How can I grow my mindful practice into an everyday routine that goes beyond lying down for a few minutes at the end of a yoga class?”

Since a New Year is the perfect time to make healthy habit changes, for the month of January I’ll be setting out on my mindfulness journey. I’d love it if you could all come with me! Over the next four weeks I will be conducting my own exploration into mindfulness and how to achieve it. I’ll be speaking to team members who are more seasoned with this practice to learn their tips and tricks, and sharing the thoughts and ideas from experts in the world of mindfulness and wellness. And don’t worry, I’ll be sharing of this all with you!

I’m looking forward to sharing my mindfulness discovery with you!


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