Need a little bit of guidance through your 5 day soup swap routine? You’ve come to the right place.

The 5 day swap… it’s what makes our plan so unique, as it allows you to continue the way you like to eat without too much sacrifice. But still, sometimes you need a little bit of guidance.

Nicole shows off her soup swaps on Instagram.

On the days following your soup cleanse, you simply replace one meal with our soup for the next 5 days. The 5 swaps are mini soup cleanse moments in the 5 days that follow your soup cleanse day. We suggest swapping lunch because it anchors the middle of a work day, and it’s often a meal that leads us astray. It can be any meal, but really commit to that meal to build this habit. Don’t worry so much about your non-soup meals on the swap days, it’s the repetition that is critical. Repetition is key to adopting healthy habits that make a difference for long-term health.

Choose how you want to spoon:

The options are pretty much limitless, but we just outlined a few ways you can soup your way… choose from the souper personalities below!

Dear Bagel Boss,

You’re a carboholic, but you’re not quite ready to give up your ways completely. You lead a gluten-full loaf-style, and you know what? You’re proud of the way you “roll”. Your downfall? You count the sauce on your pizza as your daily serving of vegetables. You know you need more veggies in your life, but you’re not ready to make the dive. Here’s what a day of swapping could like like for you:


Sliced avocado on your favorite toast with a drizzle of sriracha and a pinch of salt and pepper. The healthy fats in avocado will help keep you satisfied until lunch rolls around.


Soup swap! Have a moment of silence for the late sandwich. How do you feel without it? Take the time to sip your soup carefully and embrace your the start of your lunchtime soup routine. You might even notice you have more energy than ever since swapping out your carb heavy lunch that left you in a you in a groggy afternoon haze.


Whole grain pasta sauteed with your favorite tomato sauce, white beans, and topped with fresh basil. Be sure to swap butter for olive oil for a healthier, plant-based alternative! Not quite ready to go totally meat-less? That’s okay! Try having grilled organic chicken or fish (avoid farm raised fish), grilled veggies, and sweet potato for a balanced healthy fix. And sure, go ahead, have a dinner roll with that if you so please.

Pro Tip

Still have a hankering for a salty pretzel or two? When you feel tempted, treat it as an opportunity to take a mindful moment. Listen to your body, after all you know it best. Are you really hungry or are your emotions getting the best of you?

Dear Wonder Woman,

You cook, you clean, you work, you do it all. You make sure your kids stay healthy, but are you able to stay healthy yourself? You want to make sure you have enough energy to run around after your little ones, but you need the right fuel to do that. Let the soup swap throw you a bone…


It’s only 9 am, but your kids may have been up for hours now. When you finally sit them down for breakfast, make your life a little easier and have what they’re having. So the kids want waffles? Make them a healthy whole grain version even you would eat, and top it with fresh fruit instead of the syrup.


Soup swap! There you go, you have “make my lunch” checked off in no time. In a matter of minutes you ate more veggies, helped the environment, and didn’t break a sweat trying to juggle lunch time with the kiddies. You go, mom!


Once the kids are asleep, take a moment to relax and unwind and be grateful for your family. This time is about you, so spend it how you want to. Now that you have some alone time, maybe you should try out that spiralizer you got during the holidays! Sautée spiralized veggies in some garlic and olive oil, finish with your favorite natural tomato sauce and enjoy a fast, and surprisingly satisfying healthy meal.

Pro tip

Maybe you slipped up on a cleanse day and have an extra soup bottle to spare? Try sipping on it as a snack, one that won’t interfere while you clean up that arts and craft’s project.

Dear Busy Bee,

You lead a busy life. You love the idea of the 5-day soup swap because it makes incorporating healthy choices into your schedule much easier. One soup swap a day means one less thing you have to worry about.


Try whole grain toast with your favorite nut butter. Between the whole grains and the healthy fats and proteins, this breakfast will take a little bit longer for your body to digest, keeping your blood sugar levels at bay. Plus, it’s super easy to take with you.


Soup swap! Take a moment to savor your soup, and treat the soup swap as a moment of peace within your busy day. Make it a moment to look forward to!


Your day is finally over. If you have the time, try to cook yourself a meal to unwind and relax. Dark leafy greens have been shown to reduce stress as they are rich in folate (which stimulates production of feel-good neurotransmitters). Try sauteing some spinach or chard in garlic as a side dish!

Dear Athlete,

The gym is your happy place and your spin class is your savior. You like to sweat it out, which means you might need a little extra something on your soup swap days. Use the cleanse day as your designated day off, and allow yourself to recharge for the workouts ahead.


Start the day with a hearty and filling bowl of steel cut oats. Try freshly cut, in-season fruit with a splash of your favorite milk. Sprinkle chia seeds or ground flax seeds for a morning dose of omega-3’s.


Soup swap! With so many vitamins, minerals, and healthy plant-based proteins, a hearty soup will give your body the fuel it needs for the next workout. A nutrient packed lunch means your muscles can grow stronger, move faster, and work harder.

Pre-workout snack:

Grab a banana or natural dried fruit for quickly digestible carbs to give you boost before your workout.

Post-workout snack and hydration:

Make sure to keep hydrated after your workout, especially if you really worked up a sweat. If you’re feeling hungry and it’s going to be too long before dinner, have a handful of nuts or nut butter. The healthy fats will hold you over until dinner and the protein will help build lean muscle.


Prepare your protein of choice with roasted veggies, add a little quinoa or brown rice on the side for a wholesome meal.

Hey Sugar Lover,

For you, sugar is your trusty sidekick. From your morning coffee to that evening bowl of ice cream, it stands by your side all day. It comforts you when times get tough and it’s always there for you like nothing else is. The problem? After the initial sugar rush, your energy feels tapped out and you grab another sugary snack. Some might say you’re addicted… we might agree.


So you’re the “does the cream on my cheese danish count as protein” kind of breakfast eater? Try changing your ways by swapping out natural flavors and sugars instead of the fake stuff. Try this: cook oatmeal with bananas and top off with a sprinkle of cinnamon to impart natural sweetness and flavor without all of the sugar.


Soup swap! Take your time to eat your soup. You might find that the slower you go, the less likely you might be to grab an after lunch cookie.


Make dinner satisfying! Choose dishes with filling fiber like sweet potatoes or lentils. The more satisfied you are with dinner the less likely you might be to grab dessert afterwards. Do you have a habit of eating less in order to make room for dessert? If so, then make sure to eat a little extra something at dinner!

Pro Tip

So you really want dessert? If you must, have a piece of dark chocolate and savor it, note the taste and texture… don’t just gobble it down in one fell swoop!

Dear College Student,

Between class, studying, and your organizations, you know you want to eat well, but are unimpressed with the dismal options on campus, and you don’t have all the time in the world (or space if your living in a dorm) to prepare yourself fresh healthy meals. You’re smart and you want to stay that way. You know that in order to stay sharp and focused, cheese fries and pizza aren’t going to cut it.


Morning class doesn’t mean you should skip out on breakfast. Opt for something quick if you’re pressed for time. Looking for something cheep and easy (aren’t we all)? Try a whole grain english muffin with your go-to healthy nut butter.


Soup swap! You’re meeting your friends at the cafeteria but you’ve got your soup in hand. They might not know what healthy options they are about to come across, if any, but you’re sitting pretty knowing you have your healthy soup in your bag. Skipping out on the lunchtime crowd to study? Even better, sip your soup in the library… and you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone with obnoxious chewing!


It’s dinner time, but there’s still studying to do later. Opt for grilled veggies and protein to keep you satisfied and ready to focus, not stuffed and ready to for bed.

Pro tip:

Pack a snack bag for the library with healthy choices, like nuts, baby carrots, or fruit. That way you won’t have to take your chances on the library cafe’s options that day. Stress about that exam, sure, but not about what you eat!