Splendid Spoon is built on the philosophy that small changes make a big impact on your health. Splendid Spoon is not a strict regime with endless restrictions. It’s just a few simple, nourishing changes, and the support to make these changes permanent. Through learning to listen to your body, and creating simple, healthful routines, you can reveal your supercharged self.

This is why we incorporate a ‘Wander Day’. A day without rules. A day without Spooning. It’s not a cheat day, because you’re not cheating. You deserve this day free of limitations. You need this time to notice the changes in your body and your approach to food. Take this day to pause, reflect, and listen. Here’s what we recommend:


Approach this day gently. Reflect on the week’s that been. Think about the nourishing, cleansing choices you made. Notice how well you supported yourself by Spooning all week. Appreciate your dedication. Send gratitude (yes, to yourself!) for your efforts.

Eat Mindfully

Even though this is a Spoon-free day, continue to eat mindfully. Engage your brain and connect to your body at every mealtime. Don’t undo your hard work by mindlessly chomping on a pack of cookies before you realize what you’re doing!

Tune In

Take a few minutes to sit with your body and your thoughts. Tune in to how a week of Spooning has made you feel. Embrace the feelings and emotions that arise. These won’t be the same every week, but they’re always important.

Notice how your eating habits have changed. The increase in plant-based meals in your diet will affect your cravings. Take note of this, and keep track of how they evolve as you continue to Spoon!

Eat Without Rules

You’ve been Spooning all week. Don’t stop your mindful eating practice, or ignore your body’s needs, but don’t feel guilty if all you really want to eat is a plate of fries. Have them! It’s OK! But eat them mindfully, and appreciate them.

Don’t feel guilty or embarrassed by any of your food choices on Wander Day. Be happy in the knowledge that when you start Spooning again tomorrow, your body will be prepared to reset.

Wander Day should be fun, mindful, and stress-free. Reward yourself and be grateful to yourself for your week of small, positive changes! Enjoy the freedom to make your own choices, and wave goodbye to any sense of guilt that comes your way.