Taking time to sit and enjoy your food provides increased clarity and stillness throughout the rest of your day. When you pause to focus on your food, you can truly tap into the joy and richness of nourishing your body. Bonus points if you're eating clean, plant-based foods that love your body back.

We're so excited to share this mindful eating meditation created exclusively for our Spoon Crew (that means you!) by Brittany Gowan of Pause with Plants, a nature-focused mindful meditation podcast. By combining her passions for creativity, nature, and psychology with our plant based meals, Brittany has created a mediation specifically geared towards helping you get the most out of your Splendid meals. Enjoy this meditation while you eat, and feel the glow that comes with a focus on being present with your food.

Click here to listen to Pause With Plants x Splendid Spoon's Mindful Eating Meditation!