Prioritize your mental and physical health. We’ve pulled together all the resources you need to help support your health journey so you’re set up for success.

Splendid Spoon FAQs.

Check out basics of Splendid Spoon: How it works.

Peruse our 50+ meals, including nutritional info and flavor descriptions.

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Start your plant-based journey.

Your Official Guide to Spooning: This guide is filled with all of the resources you may need to power through your first month of plant-based (& beyond)!

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Resources for supporting the Black Community.

Splendid Spoon is an anti-racist institution and we do not stand for silence. Today and every day, Black Lives Matter. We Stand With The Black Community: Resources for Supporting.

Food Love by Might Be Vegan is helping people (especially Black, Brown, and those living low-income communities) who are experiencing food insecurity, gain direct-to-door access to fresh, healthy plant-based food. Learn more about this wonderful cause!

Plant-based diet starter guide.

If you hear the word flexitarian and think to yourself, “flexi-what?” you’re not alone. Flexitarianism is a relatively new portmanteau for being a flexible vegetarian - here's everything you need to know about being a flexitarian.

If you’re thinking about shifting toward a whole food + plant-based diet in stages or all at once, these are 5 ways your body changes on a plant-based diet.

Food is fuel for the brain as well as the body. Making the shift toward a plant-based diet can have remarkable psychological effects that benefit your brain function, your thought patterns and your overall mental health.

We’re going to clear up the facts and bust some outdated myths about how to get protein from plants: 5 common myths about plant-based protein.

New to plant-based or just looking to get some fridge inspo? Here is a Guide to Navigating and Organizing A Plant-Based Fridge.

Gut health and plant-based diet.

What is gut heath and how does it impact your body? We asked herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner Rachelle Robinett to give us the down low.

Meal hacks and dinner ideas.

Our founder, Nicole, shares 5 of her favorite, super easy meal hacks that stretch a Splendid Spoon meal into at least 2!

What to Eat for Dinner: we've Pinned dozens of plant-based, Splendid-Approved dinner recipes that all require 30 minutes or less to cook.

Fitness & nutrition guide.

We teamed up with DanceBody to provide you a complete fitness & nutrition guide including when and what to eat before and after working out.

We checked in with registered dietitian Eliza Savage for her take on the ingredients, benefits, and some helpful Q&A on our Wellness Shots. Here's what she had to tell you!

Some of our most commonly asked questions are about carbs, and the myths surrounding them. We break down the most common misconceptions about carbohydrates.

How to make and break habits.

Creating lasting habits is hard but we've brought in Tracy Lockwood Beckerman to teach us why habit creation fails and how we can avoid those mistakes when making a change.

Mindful eating.

We believe that food should be eaten with intention. Here is The Only Mindful Eating Meditation You Need.

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