Splendid Spoon’s philosophy is that a few small changes can have a big impact on your health. Our plans make healthy, mindful (and delicious) eating easy, and get you feeling and looking your best. Here’s our Spoon Crew on how Spooning has jumpstarted their wellness journey.

(The following is real, uncompensated feedback from our customers :D)

Easy, Healthy Eating

We all know how hard it is to eat well when we’re busy.

“My business partner and I swear by your meals. We refer to them as our ‘vital nutritional support’ that gets us through a busy day of seeing patients and running our business! I was thrilled to discover your healthful product almost a year ago. I love that I can eat something on the go that is so nutritious, delicious, and satisfying. The fact that your meals can be eaten at any time, hot or cold, is a bonus. As a busy physician, wife, and mother, I am always the last one to be taken care of. However, Splendid Spoon has my back with great service, convenient delivery options, and affordability.”— Eva

Shed Unwanted Weight

You don’t need to overturn your lifestyle to lose weight and look your best.

“I’ve been ordering Splendid Spoon for several months. I was drawn to it because the meals came ready-to-eat. I’ve loved having this in my life. I’m a busy CEO, mom to three children and two dogs, coach soccer and basketball teams, and I try to cram in my own workouts and yoga classes when I can.I don’t like to cook, and I’m always eating pasta, or crackers and cheese, as I dash around. Splendid Spoon’s meals are perfect for me. I heat one up, put it in a thermos, and bring it to work with me. I end up eating it for lunch, and it totally hits the spot. It’s filled with good protein, and I feel as if I’ve had a delicious, nourishing, meal that will keep me going for several hours.
I also turn to Splendid Spoon’s meals around 4pm, when I’m starting to crash, and am most vulnerable to eating junk food with my kids after school.
I’ve lost eight pounds since I started with Splendid Spoon. It’s just from making those smarter decisions during the day. Rather than a sandwich with chips, or cheese and crackers, I have one of Splendid Spoon’s meals. I also have more energy, and my hair and nails are noticeably stronger. Anything this good and this easy to eat is right up my alley as a busy mom!”
— Jess

Simplify Your Life

The last thing we need is another item on our to-do list.

Splendid Spoon has improved my life in several ways. My job is very demanding — I have to be on my toes all day. Splendid Spoon gives me nourishment to get up early in order to walk my dogs, get to my office, and constantly multi-task until 5pm.The luxury of not having to assemble a great meal when I get home is a bonus. I’ve done the math: if I went to the grocery store to purchase what I need for dinner it would be more expensive. I’m so happy I found this option.”
— Eileen

Stronger Body and Mind

Feel stronger, more energized, and more centered.

“I was thrilled when I came across Splendid Spoon. I’ve been a devoted Spooner ever since. Splendid Spoon’s meals nourish my body and soul. It was my food of choice while training for my first half marathon last spring, and continues to keep me energized during long days of fitness, health coaching, and parenting.I love to Spoon for breakfast, between coaching sessions, and on-the-go. I’ve taken it on road trips and recommended it to countless friends and clients. I love how the meals change seasonally to align with our body’s needs and keep my taste buds excited.”
— Maryann

How does Spooning make you feel? Take a moment to take note of the changes you’ve experienced in body and mind. We’d love to hear from you!