Sustainability is not one size fits all, everyone has their own way they look to impact the planet positively. No action is too big or small. What's your story? We asked our staff and customers to share the ways they aim to live sustainably.

What does a lighter footprint mean to you?

"I like to think of footprint “awareness” as the first step toward treading lighter on the earth. Understanding that everything we consume requires energy, and asking myself - is this something my body really needs or my spirit will gain joy from? It helps me to make more conscious decisions."

"Making small changes every day to lessen my environmental impact, ensuring a future world that's less messy for the younger generations."

"Reducing + Reusing as much as possible instead of just focusing on recycling. There's a reason why the "Three R's" are in that order! Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle."

What do you do every day to live a more sustainable life?

"I try to eat fewer animal products - especially meat like pork, beef and chicken because of the negative impact on land, water usage and labor practices."

"Primarily, I eat and live a vegan lifestyle. I walk anywhere I can, and have recently swapped to driving a Prius the places I can't walk. I've done my best to stop using the majority of the single-use items I used to rely on - like paper towels, some hygiene products, grocery bags, and plastic wrap/plastic bags."

What do you wish people knew about how their life affects the planet?

"A friend recently quoted Octavia Butler and I think this is a beautiful summation of our impact: “All that you touch you change. All that you change, changes you.”"

"I wish people knew that very small changes, such as choosing to use a re-usable water bottle every day instead of buying them from the store, not only saves the individual money but really does help out our environment in the long run. And those small changes little by little make the larger changes that much easier!"

What one thing do you wish people would do to help protect the environment?

"Take a pause with old behaviors. Much of what we have learned and practice hurts the environment, and a simple pause can help us reconnect with behaviors that are in better relationship with our world."

"I wish people would try out plant-based eating - like Meatless Monday's! Or, if this isn't doable, prioritize supporting your local farmers. Our agriculture industry is a leading source of pollution in our country, and unless we show that we are willing to band together to make a large change, these negative environmental impacts will just get worse."

What does a day on your plate look like?

"I love diversity in my eating but I also depend on routines and rituals to stick to my plant-based goals. I almost always have a coffee frappe smoothie in the morning and a shot mid-morning. We love ordering takeout from our neighbors in NYC — fat choy vegan Chinese is one of our absolute favorites. Or I’ll have a splendid bowl - Chana potato and garden minestrone are two of my midday favorites. Dinner is always something different. My kids love a rice noodle soup I make with ginger, lime and fish sauce in the broth, whatever greens we have in the fridge, and cod or tofu."

"A Splendid Spoon smoothie post workout for breakfast, sometimes followed by something like a bagel for extra fuel. If I need a little help coming up with a lunch during the work day I typically rely on a meal from Splendid Spoon again and add in something fresh like an avocado or scrambled Just Egg. An indulgent dinner in our house is a "cheeseburger" but with Impossible Meat and some sort of dairy-free cheese. Burger's used to be my fav, and now I don't miss them at all!"

What’s your favorite plant-based meal and why?

"Lentil kale soup — it’s always my favorite meal after a streak of takeout or indulgent eating. It’s grounding, satisfying, and reminds me of home."

"Any sort of tofu noodle or rice stir fry is my go-to favorite meal to make. Tofu is super versatile, so you can make it taste different each time! This also provides your core protein, and then I can add whatever veggies I have on hand! It's super easy, and with so many different flavor profile options, it never gets old!"