Spring is officially here! Kick off the new season by hitting that reset button. Spring cleaning can be both a physical and spiritual way of cleansing, decluttering, and starting anew. If you failed to commit to your New Year’s resolutions, no worries — the warmer weather and longer daylight hours will definitely motivate you to try again. Here are our tips to change up the same-old, same-old so you can refresh your fridge, your closet, and your Splendid Self.

Fridge Clean Out Tips. Toss the old stuff. Start by tossing out any ancient leftovers, freezer-burnt items, and stale pantry staples. Check expiration dates, look for discolored condiments, and wipe out those newly emptied drawers and shelves. A sparkling fridge begs to be filled with wholesome goodies.

Fridge Stocking Tips: Focus on fresh ingredients that need to be consumed quickly, or frozen, to make mindful purchases and reduce food waste. With this beautiful weather, there’s no reason to not stop by one of the many farmer’s markets in the area and pick up beautiful in-season produce. All sorts of goodies are available this time of year, including strawberries, asparagus, cherries, peas, radishes, apricots, and rhubarb. Now that the holidays are officially over, along with the urge to overeat in “hibernation” mode, this is the perfect transition from rich, creamy, carb-heavy comfort foods to light, refreshing, energizing meals. No need to punish yourself! If you’re craving butter-laden mashed potatoes, swap with our sweet potato coconut soup instead, for example. Make plans to eat outside with your friends, observe the beauty of your surroundings, and spend more time being active.

Maintaining Order. Make an effort to shop once or twice a week, and make a shopping list for only what you need. Have a snack (or a soup!) before you go — if you shop when you’re hungry, you’ll buy in excess, spend more money than you should, and load up on unhealthy food. Try to plan meals ahead of time so you don’t feel the urge while shopping to toss random junk in your cart that can’t come together to form a cohesive meal. By planning each meal you will cook and eat during the week, there is less temptation to buy processed quick fixes. This is a wonderful time for mental clarity. The less time you spend worrying about food, the more time you have to enjoy life. You can even use this time as an opportunity to start a daily meditation to become more in tune with yourself and your body. These little steps will help you eat mindfully and purposefully. There is no limit to the good habits you can incorporate into your daily routine!